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Creative Campaigns: How To Stand Out In A Crowded Market


In her latest piece for us, Dakota Murphey explores creative marketing in Fashion. In order for a brand to stay relevant, stay ahead of their competition, and continually market their products and services in the best possible way, argues Dakota, businesses have to be thinking outside the box.

As a business, standing out from the crowd is vital if you want to reach your target customers and get your brand in front of the right people. But while standard marketing practices are still part of the process, these days businesses need to think outside of the box if they want to reach more people. Technology can help in packaging your ideas in a more visually appealing way and makes standing out even easier. Here’s how businesses can put themselves ahead of the competition with creative marketing campaigns using the latest technological solutions.

What is creative marketing?

Creative marketing is centred on the concept of providing something unique and interesting that will inspire your audience and give them a memorable experience. It’s a combination of factors, including:

  • the branding of your business
  • the customer experience
  • any services and products being marketed
  • the promotional tools and software you choose to use, and
  • all the channels you decide to showcase them on.

In order to deliver a successful creative marketing campaign, you need to be able to connect with your audience’s emotions, understand what it is they’re looking for and require from your brand, and have a strong sense of brand identity. And, of course, no creative marketing campaign can flourish without the data and research to inform decisions.

In the digital age, audiences are exposed to hundreds of different brands, ads and other media every day, so creativity becomes more and more critical to a business’ success. Technology plays such a crucial role in creative marketing, from video marketing that offers a virtually infinite array of possibilities for creativity and shareability, to targeted and personalised ad content that speaks to specific demographics and campaigns that lean on Google Lens for augmented reality. With creative marketing, you can cut through the noise and maximise your marketing budget to keep your messaging in the minds of the right audience for longer.

Trends to invest in

Creative campaigns are made possible through a range of different forms of technology. Utilising these types of tech are what can set your campaigns apart from others in the market and bolster your marketing strategy for memorable campaigns that enhance brand recognition and customer loyalty.


Personalisation has become incredibly important to consumers and, as a business, you’re losing out if you’re not considering how to tailor your offerings to your audience. Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, cloud solutions and more have played a part in how we personalise our marketing strategies and deliver tailored content to audiences. Personalisation doesn’t just build brand image, it actively encourages customers to shop with your business over another, with studies suggesting that over 40% of people will switch to another company over a lack of personalisation. Tailored content indicates that you’re paying attention to your customers, that you know what they’re looking for and providing a solution, and that can help strengthen your message and relationships with clients and customers.

Voice Search Optimisation

An increasing trend over the past few years is homes adopting IoT technologies such as smart speakers and personal assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant. What these technologies make possible is voice-activated search, which means the need for voice search optimisation is sure to rise in the coming years. Businesses who optimise for voice search have an advantage when it comes to this particular niche, since regular SEO and voice-activated SEO don’t work in precisely the same way. Audio searches are much more focused on long-tail search terms, FAQs and on-page SEO for mobile devices.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality technology has come a long way in recent years, and it’s becoming an increasingly popular option for creative marketing campaigns from businesses in a whole host of industries. VR is a form of interactive software that immerses the user into a 3D environment to simulate real life experiences in 360 degrees. From a marketing perspective, the possibilities are endless. Already, businesses such as Lowes, Adidas and even Boursin have used this technology to market products and services in a unique and incredible way. With VR, you can create entire worlds to immerse your users and followers in, creating unforgettable experiences that set your brand heads and shoulders above the rest.

AI-Led Insights

To stay ahead and build out strong, impactful marketing campaigns, businesses need to utilise data and research-fuelled insights. AI is helping businesses stand out with authenticity and relevance, using machine learning to identify trends and consumer insights. With these tools, businesses can quickly search for relevant information and apply it to different projects to ensure that they’re continuously staying current and speaking to the consumer directly. Not only does this give brands the opportunity to leverage insights for better customer experiences, but it also makes the process of building impactful, creative campaigns even easier for more meaningful work.

The marketing landscape is constantly evolving and as new design technology comes out, fashion businesses will need to adapt to consider how they can utilise it in the best way possible for better and more eye-catching ads. What we do know, however, is that in order for a brand to stay relevant, stay ahead of their competition, and continually market their products and services in the best possible way, businesses have to be thinking outside the box. Using AI, optimising for voice search and creating VR experiences are just some of the ways that you can develop creative marketing campaigns that pack a punch, create personalised experiences that will stay with the consumer for far longer, and build a positive reputation as a leader of your industry.

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