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Dassault Systèmes enhances PLM


(FEBRUARY 24, 2010) Dassault Systèmes has launched release 20 of its collaborative V5 PLM portfolio, including Catia, Enovia, Simulia, and Delmia.

The launch of V5R20 includes enhancements to DS’ Enovia SmarTeam multi-CAD collaboration software, integration of Simulia’s nonlinear and thermal realistic simulation capabilities into the V5 platform, as well as design and simulation capabilities in the Catia and Simulia brand portfolios.

The release also features enhancements across the entire product portfolio, including digital manufacturing, which increases support for production deployments and overall usability. It enables customers to include nonlinear and thermal physics behavior in their design while maintaining full integration with PLM data and processes. The update to the entire V5 portfolio will also include support for Windows 7.

The PLM Customer Survey from WhichPLM%3A Your Solution%2C Your Views%2C Your Survey. Register your interest today!“The breadth of the DS PLM portfolio ensures that we can consistently deliver on all of our major programmes,” said Dan Lyvers, vice president, engineering, Viking Range. “And the tight integration of the individual solutions, including EnoviaSmarTeam and Catia, ensures collaboration between our enterprise and multi-discipline engineering users, enabling everyone to innovate together.”

“Our commitment is to deliver not only the innovations that enable tomorrow’s industrial processes, but also constant, unwavering improvements to our customers’ deployments,” said Dominique Florack, senior executive vice president, R&D, Dassault Systèmes. “It is the innovations in the details, that frequently make the difference for our customers.”

Source: www.onwindows.com

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