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Dassault Systèmes Partner Kalista Brings Merchandising Expertise to the U.K.


Better Retail Experiences Designed with the Shopper in Mind

29 June 2016, London, UK. – A new partnership between Dassault Systèmes and Kalista will deliver enhanced retail and shopping experiences in the UK. The partnership sees Kalista bring their merchandising solutions, experience and expertise coupled with Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform to help retailers and brands develop optimal shopping experiences while improving efficiency, differentiation and market share.

The partnership and expansion of Kalista into the UK follows a decade of success for Kalista in France working with well-known, high profile consumer goods, home improvement, apparel and pharmaceutical retailers. Kalista helps retailers and brands design, perfect and deploy stellar shopping experiences. They bring innovation and opportunities to the UK market after 10 years of success in France, such as recently helping General Mills France revolutionise the ice cream category with their Häagen-Dazs brand, helping French retailer Intermarché reinvent their merchandising solutions, and partnering with the SILAB (Shopping Innovation Lab), based in Lille, the first innovation center dedicated to retail in Europe.

In today’s multichannel retail context, where the customer’s overall experience of brands is a key factor of success, merchandising has never been so strategic:

  • To build the equity of brands and stores
  • To increase customer loyalty
  • To optimize sales efficiency.

New technologies have had a huge impact on the way retailers and CPG manufacturers collaborate, not only because multi-channel sales have changed the way people shop, but also because merchandising tools have evolved at an unprecedented rate, to better serve business objectives.


Using Dassault Systèmes ‘MyStore’ and ‘Perfect Shelf’ Industry Solution Experiences, Kalista will help retailers and CPG companies optimize merchandising strategies and maximize inventory productivity by offering shelves, planograms and stores that more closely match the needs of their customers.

‘Perfect Shelf’ is a 3D collaborative platform that enables teams to create, design, validate and execute optimal shopping experiences across the entire consumer journey through the use of immersive, life-like 3D store environments. Moving from the physical to the virtual world helps bring 2-5% sales improvements with margin increases of up to 5%. This is achieved through enhanced manufacturer-retailer collaboration, improved speed to shelf, better compliance across all channels and up to 66% efficiency gains in store layout visualisation – leaving more time for option testing.

‘MyStore’ lets retailers view and share store designs in advance and to easily try out alternative layouts using powerful realistic 3D visualisations. Management can collaborate visually with merchandising, assortment, space planning and store design teams. This helps maximise sales productivity and make the best use of space.

By sharing a single source of highly visual 3D unified information these solutions meet a range of retail and brand objectives that let managers make better informed commercial and design decisions that save time, generate higher profits and lead to better consumer shopping experiences.

Pascal Thérond, Co-Founder of Kalista, in charge of Finance and Operations said, “It’s very exciting for us to enter the UK market 10 years after the creation of Kalista in France. This move enables us to keep developing the kind of long-lasting relationships with brands and retailers in another strategic and large European market. And one which is quite eager for innovation because that’s what we do best!”

For further information http://www.3ds.com/industries/consumer-packaged-goods-retail/

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