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Dassault Systèmes’ “Studio of the Future” at the Superdesign Show in Milan Transforms Design Ideas into Experiences


Dassault Systèmes will demonstrate the “studio of the future” at the Superdesign Show in Milan from April 3-9, 2017.  Here, designers can discover how virtual universes offer a fresh approach to interior design and creative design by transforming concepts into real products that create memorable and meaningful experiences for their customers.

Just as e-commerce is impacting retail and 3D printing is influencing how goods are produced, immersive virtual reality, software and high-quality images are helping designers to challenge the status quo in product design techniques.  Dassault Systèmes, leveraging its 35 years of technological expertise, is reducing the distance between the virtual and real worlds in its “studio of the future” by illustrating how to validate the most innovative and robust design concepts that achieve a perfect balance of form and function.  Demonstrations include:

  • Immersive, interactive interior design using the Homebyme application with the HTC Vive virtual reality system. In a realistic 3D home environment, visitors can jump from one room to another, view personalised furniture, flooring, walls, lighting and layouts, to virtually imagine, create, and experience interior design before engaging in real-world projects.  They can also connect to a greater community of businesses and home professionals for support and inspiration.
  • Fast styling and design of consumer products, like a high-tech camera, sketched in 3D using CATIA applications for ideation, concept modelling and real-time visualisation. Visitors will discover the entire creative workflow to boost a product’s success in the marketplace including quickly creating and exploring conceptual ideas directly in 3D on a pen tablet or by importing 2D sketches or photos, developing colours, shapes and materials, and reaching a high level of surface sophistication and quality.
  • Faster and refined creative design converging product aesthetics and technical requirements at any stage of the product development process. Using immersive virtual reality with CATIA applications and support from the HTC Vive Business Edition, visitors can virtually sit on a motorcycle in a realistic environment, view and explore its finish and features, and gain a deeper understanding of its depth and solidness.

For more information on Dassault Systèmes’ solutions for design, visit: https://age-of-experience.3ds.com/design-age-of-experience/

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