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Design in the Age of Experience Explores How Nature and Social Ecosystems Inspire Experience Thinking


London 20 March 2017

Dassault SystèmesDesign in the Age of Experience event will take place April 4-5, 2017 in Milan at MiCo – Milano Congressi.  Decision makers and influencers from the global design community will join 3DEXPERIENCE platform users to discuss the trends driving the evolution of design, the creation of business opportunities through an experience thinking approach inspired by nature and social ecosystems, and best practices with virtual technologies.

Parag Khanna, co-founder and director, Hybrid Reality Institute, will deliver the keynote speech, “Mapping the Future of Global Civilisation,” addressing how digital technologies are revolutionising connectivity between people, cities and countries to improve quality of life.

In addition to opening remarks from Dassault Systèmes executives, four general sessions featuring success stories and testimonials related to major trends in design include:

  • How the value of design remains its ability to deliver stellar and unique experiences for consumers, with Tim Houter, Team Captain, Delft Hyperloop; Dave Marek, Division Director, Honda R&D Americas, Inc.; and John Barratt, President and CEO, Teague.
  • How the rise of new technologies such as the internet of things and the cloud offer new business opportunities for personalised services that leverage data coming from consumers, with Meron Gribetz, CEO, Meta; Edward Stilson, Design Engineer, Joby Aviation; and Monika Mikac, COO, Rimac.
  • Generative design technologies that play key roles in creating products, systems and experiences for a more sustainable world, with John Cerone, Director of Virtual Design & Construction, SHoP Architects; and David Wong, Head of Additive Manufacturing Innovation Centre, Nanyang Polytechnic.

Breakout 3DEXPERIENCE platform user sessions will then offer in-depth tutorials on these trends in the context of industries and disciplines such as cyber systems, packaging design, construction, and high-tech.

In addition to networking opportunities and an interactive playground for discovering design innovation, the event will feature a design hackathon using CATIA applications, between Dassault Systèmes research and development teams and some of the world’s most progressive architecture firms.

For more information on Design in the Age of Experience, visit: https://age-of-experience.3ds.com/design-age-of-experience/

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