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DeSL Sponsors ASBCI Garment Costing Technical Seminar


DeSL is set to speak at ASBCI Garment Costing technical seminar on the third of July in Nottingham, United Kingdom.

(San Francisco Bay Area, California, June 21, 2019) Discover e-Solutions Ltd. (DeSL) is the leading provider of Product Lifecycle Management software and Color Lifecycle Management™ solutions for the fashion, apparel, textile, and footwear sectors.

Association of Suppliers to the British Clothing Industry (ASBCI) Garment Costing technical seminar will focus on how technology can support the complexities of costing in today’s apparel supply chain. Speaking at the seminar is DeSL’s Co-Founder and Director, Dave Richards. He will cover the past, present, and future evolution of costing within Product Lifecycle Management software for the fashion and apparel sector. Joining Dave Richards will be other industry experts shedding insight into all areas of garment costing.

Sponsored by DeSL, this seminar will feature material from the recently published ASBCI technical booklet on Garment Costing. This booklet covers the broad mix of labor, materials, overheads costs, and logistics in the garment manufacturing industry. An in-depth analysis will assist buyers, merchandisers, designers, and clothing technologists in better managing the complex factors impacting global supply chains. The goal for the seminar is to increase practical understanding for companies involved in the sourcing, pricing, and margin negotiations of products.

Sign up to attend ASBCI Garment Costing technical seminar, or to schedule a live demo with a DeSL representative visit, www.desl.net.

About DeSL (www.desl.net)

DeSL is a global company delivering integrated web-based solutions for the fashion, apparel, textile, and footwear sectors. DeSL solutions offers the widest range of business processes relevant to today’s progressive and forward-thinking companies. Founded in 2002, DeSL is headquartered in Cardiff, Wales, with locations in New York, NY, and San Francisco, CA. DeSL delivers solutions built entirely using Microsoft.Net, and with quality and standards externally tested and verified. DeSL’s extensive library of applications include ERP, PLM, Color Lifecycle Management™, SRM, and eCommerce modules, designed specifically for fashion and footwear companies operating in retail, wholesale, and manufacturing sectors.

About ASBCI (www.asbci.co.uk)

The Association of Suppliers to the British Clothing Industry (ASBCI) is a not-for-profit UK-based organisation with a membership that represents all key sectors of the clothing and textile supply chain. Formed in 1973, it is the only forum of its kind where component suppliers and fabric producers can exchange ideas and knowledge with designers, retailers and garment cleaning specialists. It operates without commercial preference and its impartial stance makes it a unique organisation, within an intensely competitive industry, where members can meet, discuss issues, and share their experiences – all together, at one time, in one place.

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