Home Press release Detego to present their ‘RFID in a Box’ strategy at RetailEXPO2019

Detego to present their ‘RFID in a Box’ strategy at RetailEXPO2019


London, UK, 29/04/2019 — Detego, the leader in business intelligence for fashion retailers, are holding a presentation on 1st May at the RetailEXPO on the business case for the ‘RFID in a box’ mode of implementation. Detego’s Executive Chairman, Kim Berknov, will discuss the recent success several major fashion retailers, including Levi’s and Reiss, have had with this innovative style of implementation.

With RFID inventory management systems being adopted at a faster rate than ever before, there is a real need for the process to be made as efficient, scalable and affordable as possible. A full-scale RFID implementation is a daunting prospect and is often too large of a project to be rolled out in one go. As industry experts with vast amounts of experience in RFID implementation and integration, Detego are offering retailers a more straightforward alternative. Their Executive Chairman, Kim Berknov, will be presenting this strategy, termed ‘RFID in a box’ as part of the RetailEXPO’s TriED it Talks on Wednesday the 1st at 12:50pm.

With years of experience in the industry resulting in a deep understanding of the challenges fashion retailers face across both their supply chains and store fronts, Mr Berknov will outline how these issues shaped this new approach for smoother implementation which presents a phased approach without sacrificing ROI. He will discuss the 3 key milestones for fast & scalable rollout, the benefits of an ‘out of the box’ solution and explain the importance of the use of real-time data to drives sales uplift & omnichannel fulfilment. Included in the presentation will be references to Detego’s customers who have experienced successful RFID implantation including but not limited to Adidas, Levi’s and Reiss.

Detego will also be exhibiting at booth 2A58 during RetailEXPO. This will give delegates a chance to discuss the presentation as well seeing live demonstrations of the Detego platform in use.

About Detego

Detego, a European retail software provider, was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in London, UK, with offices in Graz, Austria and sales representatives throughout Europe. The company develops and distributes a suite of software products that provide real-time analysis and article transparency which help prevent out-of-stock situations and ensure optimal product availability for fashion retailers. The use of the Detego product portfolio supports the omni-channel and digital strategies of many fashion retailers, enabling them to actively manage stores while providing customers with a consistently good shopping experience across all channels. Detego’s software is complimented by managed services and software-as-a-service (SaaS), along with attractive financing models. Detego‘s customers include international fashion brands, retailers and department stores. Detego is already being used in over 1,500 stores. More information can be found at www.detego.com

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