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Digital Storyboards: a WhichPLM Buyer’s Guide to PLM Modules & Standalone Solutions


For our first post this year, WhichPLM is delighted to present our community with our latest downloadable brochure: a buyer’s guide focusing on digital storyboards, available in PDF format. 

Digital storyboard solutions offer compelling environments for collaboration and creative design, development, and planning activities during the earliest stages of the product lifecycle.

Where traditional paper-based alternatives are currently used, storyboard solutions offer a range of immediate benefits. Together, these can improve creative execution and increase the commercial odds of a given product or collection succeeding in the open market – all at the same time as improving the day-to-day lives of key internal stakeholders and supply chain partners.

Marry these quick wins with longer-term transformations in the way brands, retailers, and manufacturers work – and the composition of their workforces – and it's little wonder that storyboard solutions have seen a sudden spike in popularity. As of early 2018, several of the world's leading PLM vendors have made big strides with either standalone storyboard solutions or integrated storyboard modules, and third parties are innovating in similar areas.

But as with any piece of extended-PLM functionality that suddenly and rapidly becomes the centre of a competitive market (see 3D, the IoT, and others) customers must be careful to find the right fit for their business. And this applies whether they are selecting based on pure functionality or also looking for the right partnership potential and roadmap promises.

This buyer's guide and its accompanying checklist equip everyone – technical and non-technical readers alike – with a grounding in the history of storyboarding, its role in the most essential parts of planning, design, and development, and the differences between simple white spaces and modern, multifunctional, storyboard solutions.


This Guide is available to download free of charge for our entire community. Simply enter your details below to get your hands on a copy, which will also be emailed to you on the email address provided.


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