Home Press release Discover Visual Next Solutions at PI Apparel in New York City this Week

Discover Visual Next Solutions at PI Apparel in New York City this Week


Montreal, QC, June 20th, 2017 –Visual Next, provider of end-to-end omni-channel business solutions for the RFA industry, announces its sponsorship and participation for the third consecutive year, of the Product Innovation Apparel congress in New York City.

The event, taking place from June 22nd to 23rd, is a gathering of retail, apparel and footwear industry professionals to discuss and promote innovation within the industry. Topics for this year includes emerging technologies such as smart fabrics and wearables as well as fit data capturing tools.

“PI Apparel showcases the latest advancements in fashion technology and processes” said VP of Research & Development Charles Benoualid. “As a supplier of apparel-focused omni-channel business software, we’re excited to both share and discover the ways in which the latest technologies will disrupt the current retail landscape.”

Although a wide range of topics will be examined during the conference, discussions concerning the intersection between PLM and the changing retail environment will be given extra attention. Virtual sampling and inventory excess prevention, for instance, are being promised by PLM providers as ways to decrease the overall cost and time required for the development of a new product line.

Special focus will also be given to the importance of proper collaborative tools and processes within PLM systems: a domain where Visual PLM has excelled for years.

“Visual Next is always proud to participate at these events,” Benoualid shared. “Not only do we get to meet and engage with some of the top global brands and businesses today, but they are able to receive a tour and test the features of Visual PLM and Visual End2End software during the conference. It is always exciting when businesses can witness first-hand how these systems can improve and optimize their own business processes.”

Attendees are encouraged to learn more about Visual Next RFA business solutions by visiting their booth throughout the duration of the PI Apparel conference and by visiting the Visual Next website.

About Visual PLM

Visual PLM is a pre-configured, out-of-the box solution that is specifically tailored to meet the production demands of the RFA industry. This integrated software gives merchandising, design and development teams the visibility and control to manage the product lifecycle and streamline their work.

About Visual Next

20 years in the making, Visual Next (formerly Visual 2000 International) provides End2End software solutions for apparel, footwear, uniform and fashion accessory companies. More than 600 companies around the world take advantage of Visual Next′s advanced PLM, ERP, Supply Chain Management, Warehouse Optimization, Ecommerce and Business Intelligence software.


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