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Do you support ‘PLM in Education‘?


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WhichPLM interview ten of the leading Apparel PLM expertsWhichPLM has interviewed ten of the leading Apparel, Retail and Footwear PLM experts from Gerber Technology, Lawson, Zweave, Porini, Yunique Solutions, Visual 2000, Lectra, PTC, TradeStone and Business Management Systems, to drive out answers to the questions most asked by PLM customers.

Every week, WhichPLM will put a new question to the panel of experts. This week’s question: 

Does your company support ‘PLM in education’, helping the industry to drive new talent from universities and colleges?



Working with students 

Karina Kogan, President, Business Management Systems: “Yes, Vertex is committed to growth that starts from the grass roots of the industry. We welcome working with new students and people who are applying their knowledge and talents to PLM technologies. Presently, we are working to install our products in some key educational institutions, so that we may become more directly involved in the growth, learning, and skills-development processes of the future leaders of the industry.”

According to Sue Welch, CEO, Tradestone Software, “TradeStone is a big supporter of ‘PLM in Education.’ I’ve spoken at a number of colleges in the past including FIT, and currently attend industry events at college campuses to identify new talent and mentor and share real-world experiences. The young designers and fashion students graduating today are our future and it is important that they understand how PLM technology can play a role in their careers in the retail industry.”

Installing live PLM software at Educational Establishments

Laura McCann, CEO at Zweave says, “Zweave has recently launched the first on-demand PLM Academic Package. This package supports PLM for universities and programs teaching fashion processes. The on-demand model and pricing makes this a great way for schools to leverage PLM at a cost they afford and with support they can leverage.”

“Gerber Technology has a long and rich history of partnering with universities and colleges around the world for over 40 years. Our software is provided free of charge to institutions of higher learning in order to prepare the next generation of talented PLM associates.” Elizabeth King, Director, Software Applications, Gerber Technology.

“PTC is committed to supporting PLM in education. PTC’s solutions are available at a number of leading colleges and universities.” Kathleen Mitford, VP, Vertical Market Strategy, PTC.

Providing PLM Training

Lenny Weiss, VP of Sales & Marketing, “Yunique Solutions has several PLM training programs at the Fashion  Institute of Technology and we are expanding this program to many other Design Institutions. Our success at FIT has become a catalyst for expansion throughout North America. Our PLM fits the model for today’s students since is it has been voted number one in user friendliness. It is 100% Web software, works on MAC or PC, utilizes all the top CAD tools such as Adobe, and supports the industry specific CAD tools as well.

On a similar line, Philippe Ribera, PLM Corporate Business Development Manager at Lectra, says, “Lectra has developed partnerships with more than 680 fashion, textile and design schools or universities in over 30 countries. The aim is to support tomorrow’s professionals, and accompany them throughout their studies. Lectra provides students with its latest technologies, as well as its expertise. An increasing number of schools have decided to add PLM in their courses to strengthen their program and adapt to the evolution of the fashion industry. More than 70 schools have already included Lectra specification and product development solutions to complement Lectra design, pattern making and marker making solutions and remain at the forefront of technology.”

Charles Benoualid, VP R&D, Visual 2000 International: “Since its inception Visual 2000 international has partnered up with universities and colleges with a very singular approach. Our give and take concept has been very successful to both parties. On the give side, we have offered our software free of charge to fashion institutes, design schools and universities and have participated in, as well as hosted, classes on various topics, bringing a real life twist to classroom theories. On the take side, we have listened to the users and learned from our partners about new technologies and best business process aspects. These learned scholars who have PHD’s and Masters in the production field, design, and merchandising were an incredible source of ideas and features which are used today by hundreds of our customers.”

Other PLM Solution vendors possibly moving towards an Education strategy:

Andrew Dalziel, Marketing Director – Discrete Manufacturing and Fashion Industry, Lawson, “At Lawson, we have been thinking about ‘PLM in Education’, but at the moment we don’t have a concrete strategy in place to support this.”

“We find it a very good idea and we are planning to realize some project in this direction.” Roberto Fonti, Sales Channel Developer at Porini SpA.

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