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Download: Overcoming the Problems Facing Today’s Fashion Content Production


Download your copy of Styleshoots’ white paper to find out how StyleShoots is helping brands and retailers worldwide with their content production – in particular with regards to e-Commerce.

The fashion industry is a constantly evolving landscape. As well as the consumer-facing efforts in leveraging current trends and predicting the next ones in the ‘style roadmap’, there is the need to constantly create and produce more content. This focus on style innovation can mean the technical and logistical side of the business is often neglected.

This white paper discusses the challenges facing modern fashion content production and, through an evidence-based approach, showcases how a number of brands and retailers are stepping up in this rapidly changing industry.

Styleshoots front cover

StyleShoots machines are all-in-one photography machines that enable web-ready images of fashion apparel, products and accessories to be taken simply and efficiently. The machines combine all of the essential equipment of a photo studio to take professional product photos in a one single, heavy-duty unit.

Whether you’re a stylist, photographer, studio manager or head of a major brand, if you work behind the scenes in fashion anywhere in the world this white paper is for you. The extensive paper comprises 21 pages and 7 chapters.

To download your copy click here.

You will be re-directed to the Focal Media Group website, where you can obtain a copy of the white paper for free. 

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