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Download: Pick your PLM for today, prepare for tomorrow


Get your hands on this project handbook, presented by WhichPLM and PTC.

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As a prospective customer, it can seem like PLM is solving everyone else’s problems. From the massive multinationals to the sustainable micro-brand you covet and secretly hope never make it into the mainstream, the headlines are bursting with new names. Big business, small business and everything in-between. Fashion, footwear, accessories, cosmetics and the quick-growing consumer goods crossover category. PLM is everywhere, and everybody seems to be buying it.

So perhaps you’re thinking of following suit. You may already have a business case, and maybe even executive buy-in and a budget.

At its heart, PLM thrives because its various modules and capabilities can help brands and retailers keep pace with the digital-first market of today and prepare them for the data-driven industry of tomorrow. Across every successful implementation, no matter which vendor was chosen or how the solution was configured, you’ll find one common objective: retailers and brands want to continually improve their ability to deliver, to keep pace with constantly-evolving consumer demand.

So, if brands and retailers of all shapes and sizes have common objectives, logic dictates that they might share similar challenges, too. This handbook reviews some universal issues that could apply to your business, now or in the future.

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