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Dragon Crowd Group Chooses YuniquePLM V6 to Enhance Efficiency and Operations


YuniquePLM V6 Enhances Workflow at Every Step

SchiesserTuesday, June 2, 2015, Tolland, Conn. – Gerber Technology has announced that Dragon Crowd Group® (DCG), the operator of SCHIESSER Asia, has selected YuniquePLM™ to improve accountability and visibility across its various product lines.

YuniquePLM is a web-based product lifecycle management software that helps the fashion and apparel industries communicate effectively, accelerate workflows and eliminate errors. Its latest enhancements include a new development calendar and line planning function, as well as 3D file support and mass sample request development.

Dragon Crowd Group offers high quality garments to markets in Europe and Asia. Today, Dragon Crowd Group boasts annual sales of over $1 billion RMB across 680 retail and distribution outlets in over 70 cities, and retails its own brands and manufactures for Europe’s most renowned brands.

To effectively manage its large network of distributors, retailers, factories and personnel, DCG turned to YuniquePLM to standardize processes and improve accountability. “We look forward to standardizing how our tech packs are created and how information is stored,” said Linda Chan, development director at DCG. “YuniquePLM will help to increase visibility into tracking the progress of product development that will ultimately serve to increase time to market, reduce human errors and uphold our commitment to product quality.”

DCG will stagger implementation of YuniquePLM across men’s, women’s and children’s garment lines in phases that will conclude by the end of 2015. End users will be able to easily access production information and tech packs from anywhere and at any time.

“From a business point of view, the updated line planning and development calendar in YuniquePLM V6 will give us easily accessible insight into target sales volume, number of styles per season, task status and sample tracking, and allows our entire team to log comments into one point of entry,” Chan remarked.

Bill Brewster, general manager of Yunique Solutions, said, “We are proud to be working with DCG (SCHIESSER Asia), one of the largest and longest standing companies in the apparel industry. With YuniquePLM V6, our enhancements to this industry-leading user experience will bring improvements to DCG’s product development and manufacturing processes that will further enhance their business agility.”

About Dragon Crowd Group (DCG): Founded in 1971 manufacturing high-quality garments for Japanese exports, Dragon Crowd Group is an industry leader in garment manufacturing in China. Today the company’s reach has expanded to the Chinese and European markets. Dragon Crowd specializes in high quality knitted apparels including undergarments, homewear and functional sportswear for men, ladies and children. www.dragoncrowd.comwww.schiesser.asia

About Gerber Technology: For nearly 50 years, Gerber Technology has been the world leader in providing integrated solutions to help its customers automate and more effectively manage product design and manufacturing processes in the apparel and industrial marketplaces. The company serves 25,000 customers, including more than 100 Fortune 500 companies, in the aerospace, apparel, retail, composites, packaging, furniture, technical textiles and transportation interiors industries in 130 countries.

Based in Connecticut, Gerber Technology is owned by Vector Capital, a San Francisco-based, global private equity firm specializing in the technology sector that manages more than $2 billion of equity capital.

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