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E-Spec announces Digital Image Workflow solutions


E-Spec(DALLAS, 15 NOVEMBER, 2011) E-Spec, Inc. announced their new suite of digital integration products today. E-Spec’s products use Adobe XMP metadata and SOAP based web services to create digital image workflows. By using industry standards, the same E-Spec tools can be used to provide integration between Adobe’s Creative Suite and a variety of business systems and databases.

E-Spec President, Dan Hudson, commented, “For the last eleven years, we have been providing integration for the fashion and apparel industry; as we made our tools work with additional apparel business systems, we also realized that the same tools could have application in other industries. The last two years have been spent re-engineering our tools to use industry standards. Our suite of products can now integrate with most business systems. Our tools are in production at some of the largest and most recognized apparel companies. We have integrated the Adobe Creative Suite with PDM, PLM, DAM, CRM, ERP and in-house SQL databases.”

Hurley recently upgraded to the latest E-Spec tools, using web services to integrate Adobe Illustrator images with their ERP system, Full Circle. Mike D’Angelo, Director of Information Technology, said

“It has become more and more critical for Hurley to maintain one version of the truth, across all of our existing product systems.  Leveraging a myriad of E-Spec’s products, including XMP Publisher at the very beginning of our product creation workflow, we have been able to close the gaps in our overall process, ensuring the automated flow of product data from conception to distribution.  Hurley has relied on E-Spec tools for many years and has always looked to E-Spec, as a valuable source for innovative solutions.”

E-Spec’s new products include:

JPEG Publisher for Illustrator

  • Creates JPG representative files for systems that can’t render AI files
  • Artboard and Layer/sublayer separation provides multiple JPGs from one AI file

XMP Publisher for Illustrator:

  • Prompts user for metadata
  • Enforces data validation to enable system integration


  • Drag and Drop for photographs and scanned images
  • Prompts user for metadata
  • Enforces data validation to enable system integration


  • Sends images with XMP metadata to database via SOAP web service
  • Designers and Artists use Adobe CS to directly enter data and images into the business system

PDF Creator:

  • Automatically creates PDFs from database based on events and triggers
  • Updates PDFs based on database changes


  • Populates InDesign templates from a database to create catalogs, line lists and product sheets
  • Links are maintained so data can be easily refreshed to keep the catalog current

For more information and to download evaluation copies, please visit our website; www.e-spec.net

About E-Spec, Inc. Dallas-based E-Spec, Inc. specializes in solutions for integrating the Adobe Creative Suite® with existing business systems and processes. E-Spec is a Silver Adobe® Solutions Partner and a certified Adobe® Reseller. www.e-spec.net


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