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ecVision Introduces Latest Release of ecVision Suite® Version 4.0

Enhancements Provide Increased Performance and Scalability for Cloud Deployments

ISELIN, NJ, May 28, 2014 – ecVision, the leading supply chain collaboration platform provider for retail, announced today the availability of ecVision Suite® version 4.0 to drive better performance with upgraded system configuration and extended support for modern Web browsers.

ecVision Suite®, a set of supply chain collaboration business practices delivered in a cloud-based platform that spans from concept to delivery. Through multi-enterprise integration, visibility and collaboration tools used by retailers, brands and the multiple tiers of global trading parties, organizations can:

  • lower design/production costs
  • improve profitability and productivity
  • mitigate risk against failures, costly fines and blocked sales

The new features in this release include:

Dynamic Data Panel (DDP) Replaces Visibility Tool (VT)

  • Builds onto the Visibility Tool functionality with enhanced capabilities
  • Ability for power users to create data views that end users can manage, allowing them to mass update information in the system
  • Permits end users to personalize views for greater usability based on role and activity
  • New conditional and header color formatting capabilities allow for users to highlight areas of concern within their system views
  • Scheduling capabilities to generate system views into reports that can be exported by email to internal and external user

Modern Browser Support (IE 9/10, Firefox, Chrome and Safari)

  • Better performance on complicated UI layout rendering
  • Standard way to execute the script functions among all browsers
  • Support between OS platforms (MS Windows, Mac OS)

Performance Tuning 

  • Simplifies Business Document Architecture for performance improvements
  • Improves batch operation performance by tuning the backend API
  • Enables users to run the WIP import and export operations asynchronously

 Supporting Quote 

“For our existing customers, ecVision Suite® version 4.0 is a significant and eagerly anticipated product update,” said Cheryl Layne, Vice President, Customer Success for ecVision. “This upgrade offers new features that are in demand in today’s complex software and hardware environment with full compatibility for modern Web browsers. With 80% of the industry using IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari, ecVision Suite® extends support for better performance and user accessibility.”

About ecVision 

ecVision offers a cloud-based supply chain collaboration platform that optimizes product lifecycle and supply chain processes. The enterprise platform, ecVision Suite™, reflects the standardized business processes from design to delivery, creating a single collaborative solution for private label brands, retailers and their trading partners. With increased visibility and workflow, users can improve their reaction time to demand changes, shorten product lifecycles, lower product and materials costs, and improve sourcing and logistic efficiencies. Learn more at www.ecvision.com.

To learn more about ecVision Suite®, please visit our website at www.ecvision.com or contact us at us-marketing@ecvision.com.

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