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Europe’s Leading Sports Retailer, Stadium Selects PTC FlexPLM® to Transform Product Development and Drive Sustainability Initiatives


PTC is delighted to announce that Stadium, Sweden’s largest multi-category sportswear retailer has become one of the latest companies to select its market-leading FlexPLM solution. With over 170 physical stores in Sweden, Finland and Germany, and a strong ecommerce presence, Stadium prides itself on offering modern, functional sportswear and equipment at the best price, as well as inspiring its customers to lead an active lifestyle.

The deployment of FlexPLM will enable Stadium to optimize product development processes across several product categories including footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories by centralizing product data and providing a single version of the truth, to ensure its global teams can effectively collaborate throughout every step of the product lifecycle.

Prior to selecting PTC, Stadium surveyed the global PLM market and conducted an extensive evaluation seeking not just the core benefits of PLM, but also a very particular kind of partner, as Stadium Project Manager Peter Johansson explains:

“We wanted to partner with a PLM provider who had a proven track record of working with multi-category Retailers, and whose software and services could scale to manage the volume and variety that we produce. It was also essential that we found a vendor that was forward-thinking and whose reach extended beyond just PLM, with innovations such as 3D capabilities and artificial intelligence. We chose FlexPLM so that we could implement a streamlined best practice approach to planning, product design and development, sourcing and supplier collaboration, with simple storing and sharing of data across our business, as well as enabling our employees to work seamlessly from home during Covid-19.”

Stadium will also leverage PTC’s FlexPLM solution to help it deliver on its sustainability vision and values which is a key part of the company’s business strategy. Stadium is committed to developing products in a responsible way for humans, animals and the environment and FlexPLM will enable Stadium to track and monitor CO2 emissions across its entire business.

Speaking about the project, Bill Brewster, Senior Vice President and General Manager of PTC’s Retail Business Unit added: “We are absolutely thrilled that Stadium decided to partner with PTC. We look forward to supporting their sustainability initiatives and helping them to optimize their product development.”

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