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EzTextiles® Adds 325,000-Plus Vintage Print Images to Popular Online Textile Design Resource


EzTextiles® has added a new Vintage Library with more than 325,000 high-resolution digital swatches to its popular EzTextiles.com online textile design service. The new library expands the scope of the more than 25-million existing plaids and stripes, prints, and knit designs already available at the site. The vintage designs, which include a variety of colorways and repeat patterns, cover more than 75 categories.

 (NEW YORK, NY, MARCH 15, 2011) EzTextiles, LLC announces the addition of a new Vintage Library to its fast-growing EzTextiles.com online digital textile design resource center. Amassed over the past decade, the more than 325,000 vintage print images are becoming part of what is already the world’s largest online digital textile design resource with more than 25-million royalty-free woven plaids and stripes, prints, and knit designs. The innovative and unique site provides textile design content developed primarily for the apparel, accessories, home fashions, and related industries. Digital swatches from all EzTextiles.com libraries can be freely viewed and are available for purchase and immediate download based on a variety of subscription plans. During a limited-time launch period, newly registered users to the site can download 25 sample images.

 According to Brian Kaminer, owner of a New York-based merchandising design firm that provides design direction for the U.S. Polo Association clothing line, “EzTextiles offers textile patterns in a convenient online platform at a fraction of the traditional price. When I showed the site to my design team, they knew just what to do and went crazy with it.”

 The new library includes more than 75 categories of vintage prints. Vintage images can be searched by category, size, keywords, and other attributes. All of the 300 dpi TIF-formatted images are offered in a wide range of color options and are in repeat. In contrast to the production-ready original designs created for the other libraries on the site, vintage items are provided for use as inspiration and reference only. While the Vintage images are believed to be old and in the public domain, they are not warranted to be free of copyright restrictions.

All EzTextiles.com libraries provide visitors convenient search and visualization tools, the ability to save images to a personal collection, and visualize and evaluate patterns on more than 500 built-in apparel, footwear, accessories, home fashion, and other product sketches and photos. EzTextiles plans to add more vintage prints as well as new image categories as fashions evolve.

 Textile designer Robin Lewellen, who has worked with design teams from Abercrombie & Fitch and Express, shares in the enthusiasm for the site.  “Because EzTextiles does a lot of the trend research, the website allows me to spend more time experimenting with patterns and colorways as I develop new lines. Seeing the patterns on other items such as a scarf also expanded my thinking on different applications for the designs.”

 EzTextiles has also integrated a blog on the site to enhance the user experience by informing visitors on industry trends and providing free textile and fashion industry news and reports. The new design portal, located at http://www.EzTextiles.com/blog, goes beyond simple distribution of information by providing readers with relevant EzTextiles designs and collections through the click of a mouse.

 “We are pleased to make this exciting vintage collection and blog available to EzTextiles.com visitors and subscribers”, noted EzTextiles Vice President Tracy Sano. “After years of collecting and cataloging these images, this important step furthers our goal of providing a user-friendly and cost-effective design tool for a wide range of industry students, freelancers, professionals, and executives.”

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