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FastFit360 Announces iPad, iPhone Touch Release


(LAS VEGAS, 31 OCTOBER, 2011) FastFit360 released its iPad and iPhone touch version of the leading Cloud communication platform to improve on-the-go collaboration. The latest release offers an Apple friendly interface for designers, technical designers, quality managers and partners globally to access the image based communication tool Online.

Gone are the days of businesses limiting or even entirely restricting employeesʼ access to the Internet. Today, by FastFit360 combining Cloud communication tools – internally and externally – with sophisticated analytic capabilities, companies are transforming their business processes, building stronger relationships among their employees, customers and business partners and making better decisions, faster. FastFit360 provides the opportunity for global teams to access information whether at home, airport or office.

The iPad and iPhone Touch Release includes the ability to view 360 images smoothly with the slider touch integration and access the content through the native Safari browser on the devices. Also added, is the ability to view visual annotations and post comments on the sample for partnersʼ easy access.

Leading edge company, FastFit360 provides a Cloud solution to reach networks of people inside and outside the company to get work done more efficiently, more creatively, more collaboratively.

FastFit360ʼs Cloud started in the corporate world for reliability, security and accessibility. To find out more about FastFit360, please visit: www.fastfit360.com or contact roxy.starr@fastfit360.com

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