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Featured Advertorial: Centric Software



In this featured advertorial, Centric shares with us their end of year recap, and uses this opportunity to thank their customers for a milestone year.

We, at Centric, would like to thank our customers for making us the fastest growing PLM solution for fashion, retail, luxury, footwear, outdoor and consumer goods. The past two years have been major milestones for us.

We signed over 80 new brands, retailers and manufacturers from around the world as customers and expanded into 10 new countries. We continue to place a big emphasis on innovation; issuing 8 major product updates, 12 apps and a new cloud-based PLM solution for small businesses. We continued to recruit best-in-class talent, growing our teams by 40% each year.  We are especially proud that our customers are happy and extremely supportive of us; 35% spoke publically on our behalf last year while 95% did so privately.

Each of our customers followed an extensive selection process before choosing Centric. They very thoroughly studied the market, researched solutions, thought about their processes and, very importantly, checked multiple references, many times without involving us.

The market speaks for itself. And the market has chosen Centric as the best PLM solution.

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The Market Says

Centric reached its 145th customer milestone through the addition of over 80 new customers in the past two years, more than any other vendor. Among the new customers that recently became part of the Centric family are leading brands like arena, Triumph and Tom Tailor in Europe, One Jeanswear Group and Under Armour in the US and Luthai and Aimer in China.

Many highlight our expertise and deep understanding of their business as reasons why they decided to work with us. Want to hear their words?

“[Centric’s] focus on our market, their continued innovation, their reputation with their customers for delivering on their commitments and their consulting team are just some of the reasons that lead us to this decision.”

“Centric is the right fit. The Centric team has an excellent reputation. They know the market, know the industry, and maintain tremendous expertise.”

“Everyone in the market knows of Centric. We were impressed by their forward-thinking mobile portfolio and clear, visible attitude to rapid innovation.”

The Experts Say

It’s not just the market who thinks highly of us.

teclogoPredrag Jakovljevic, Principal Industry Analyst at Independent expert’s, TEC, stated “Over the last decade, one enterprise software vendor has leapfrogged over many of its much better-known competitors in the fashion PLM software market.”

global_winner[1]“We believe Centric Software embodies the vision, drive and innovation that defines a successful entrepreneurial venture.” Alex Vieux, Publisher and CEO of Red Herring.


Market Innovation Leader 

Our customers think that Centric is the most innovative PLM solution on the market. Innovation is at the core of Centric’s strategy and imbedded in our DNA; how can it not be being headquartered in Silicon Valley? “By exploring new and emerging technologies and working hand in hand with our customers, leading brands and retailers from around the world, we can develop innovative and improved tools to allow new, disruptive ways of working,” says Humberto Roa, VP of Innovation at Centric Software.

Our roadmap is entirely market driven with at least 8 major Centric 8 product releases, numerous minor updates and 12 new apps with support for iOS and Android.

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Market Leader in Mobility

Centric has also made huge investment in mobility, deepening the footprint of its best-in-class, web-based PLM product suite and increasing its leadership in mobile apps for PLM. Centric plans to develop many more, redesigning the scope of PLM and capturing people who otherwise wouldn’t use PLM; changing the model of how PLM is sold and consumed. To push out of the box thinking even further, our Innovation Lab was founded last year to focus on new and experimental technologies and extended-scope PLM.

What does the market say?

“Our teams were impressed with Centric 8 PLM due to the user interface, flexibility and functionality. Mobility is key. Overall, we feel that it is a modern solution that will suit a modern way of working,” reports one customer.

“We selected Centric for its team expertise and revolutionary product roadmap, including the development of mobile applications,” adds another.

New Solution for Small Business

Last year we also launched a brand new, cloud-based, SaaS solution for small businesses called ‘Centric for Small Business’.

We welcomed our first US and European customers shortly thereafter. Small business Helsport says, “As we expand our activities, we couldn’t use excel spreadsheets anymore. We decided to look for a solution that would enable us to improve efficiency, enhance visibility and control over our supply chain to reduce lead times and improve product margins. We chose Centric because of its simplicity and flexibility. It is a comprehensive PLM solution which can adapt to our needs as our business grows.”

And another customer explains, “We are product people first and foremost, and we wanted a solution to fit us—not the other way around. This is one of the largest technology investments we’ve made, and it’s significant for a business of our size. We are glad that the same technology road-tested by huge companies is now available to us. Our analysis shows we’ll save significant time and money once fully implemented.”

Dedicated expertise

Centric’s expertise in PLM for fashion (including lingerie, childrenswear, menswear, womenswear, bags and leather goods, footwear, accessories and denim), sporting goods (apparel, footwear, gear and accessories and hard goods) and consumer goods (home and outdoor) is why our 145 customers chose to work with us.  “We appreciate the expertise of Centric’s consultants – they are always able to support with best-practices, answer your questions and really understand our business,” explains a German Centric user.

Another Centric customer highlights the success of their PLM implementation using Centric’s Agile DeploymentTM. This British fashion brand rolled out their PLM project on time and under budget: “What’s great about Centric 8 is its great usability. Our greatest win, is that we reached our goals, our PLM went live when we said it would!”

Another key factor customers usually underline is their trusted relationship with Centric. “We trusted Centric implicitly from day one,” declares a design-led, global supplier.

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From Silicon Valley to Japan 

With an incredible adoption rate of new customers, mostly predominant fashion and apparel brands, Centric Asia has experienced massive growth. Eighteen months after opening an office in Shanghai, Centric Software already reached its 15th customer milestone, an unrivaled performance in this region. “Since first implementing Centric 8 in 2014, the benefits have been so impressive that we recently decided to expand the software to all of our apparel development teams,” says a Chinese customer. “Our expansion into the Chinese market is exciting and inevitable for Centric’s growing worldwide presence,” adds Chris Groves, Centric CEO.

Centric also acquired its second South African customer this year, Truworths, one of South Africa’s leading fashion apparel retailers.  Centric’s first customer in South Africa, Ackermans, a value retailer, has successfully gone live early this year.

Enthusiasm from companies all around the world has driven Centric’s massive growth, and Centric opened new offices in three regions; Scandinavia, Mexico and Japan. Entrance into each region was secured by prestigious industry names; retail leader Varner in Norway, the yarn to store vertically integrated Grupo Avante in Mexico and in Japan, worldwide sports giant, Asics.

Thank you!

Everyone at Centric would like to extend a huge and heartfelt thank you to our customers for helping us become the fastest, growing PLM solution for fashion, retail, luxury, footwear, outdoor and consumer goods.

“Centric’s leadership in PLM is built on the vision and leadership of our teams who bring the best technology to our customers and work hand in hand with them to reach long-term benefits,” ends Chris Groves.

We truly value our relationship with our customers and would like to thank them all for such an awesome year.

As a customer concludes on their relationship with Centric, “… we felt like we were part of the same family” …because they are!

Want to learn more about what the market has to say about Centric, the PLM market leader for fashion, retail, luxury, footwear, outdoor and consumer goods? Please, visit our website. The market speaks for itself.

*This is a featured advertorial from Centric Software, and does not act as an endorsement from WhichPLM.

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