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First Sewn Products Reshoring Award Launched


Industry Leaders Join Forces to Announce First Award

Wake Forest, North Carolina – August 24, 2018 – SEAMS and The Reshoring Initiative have launched the First Annual Sewn Products National Reshoring Award. This exciting award is open to all companies that have successfully reshored the sewing of any product to the U.S., accelerating the Made in America movement.

U.S. reshoring is the practice of transferring offshore business operations or sourcing back to the   U.S. in addition to any new or significantly increased production in the U.S. from importing. The Made in America Movement is focused on increasing production in the U.S. to strengthen the economy and bring jobs back to the U.S. The SEAMS organization drives this trend with a membership of the leading U.S. brands, manufacturers, and retailers in the sewn products industry.

Eligibility for this award must include production reshoring from offshore back to the U.S. or represent new production that has taken market share from imports between January 1, 2014, and January 31, 2019. There will be awards for three industry categories: cut and sew manufacturers; brands/OEMS/vertical retailers; and equipment/technology suppliers. Relevant companies for any sewn products are encouraged to apply. Request for applications must be received by January 21, 2019. Final applications must be submitted by February 21, 2019. Links to award details and initial online application are available on both SEAMS and the Reshoring Initiative websites.

“In 2017 about 170,000 manufacturing jobs were announced to come back from offshore, up 2,800% from 2010,” said Harry Moser, Founder and President of The Reshoring Initiative. “Apparel and textiles were among the industries most heavily impacted by offshoring and are now reshoring strongly. We anticipate that this award will motivate more companies to reevaluate their offshoring and see that it is often more profitable to produce or source domestically. We also hope that other associations will choose to support similar awards to show that their industries are now successfully reshoring.”

The awards competition was introduced August 2, 2018 at the SEAMS Annual Networking Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, attended by the industry’s leading U.S. companies participating in the resurgence of Made in America. The winner will be announced at the SEAMS 2019 Spring Networking Conference.  “SEAMS is thrilled to partner on this award which adds value to our Made in America initiatives and acknowledges those U.S. based companies supporting manufacturing in our country”, states Will Duncan, Executive Director, SEAMS.

The Reshoring Initiative, founded in 2010, helps manufacturers realize that local production, in some cases, reduces their total cost of ownership of purchased products and tooling. The Initiative also trains suppliers how to sell against lower priced offshore competitors. www.reshorenow.org

SEAMS is the Association and Voice of the U.S. Sewn Products Industry for over 50 years consisting of more than 200 of America’s foremost fashion brands, retailers, manufacturers and textile providers. Supercharging the American Supply Chain, SEAMS is the most relevant force and go-to resource shaping the growth and resurgence of MADE IN AMERICA. www.seams.org

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