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Free webinar: Stop the Presses – There’s Something New in PLM


Free Webinar from Lectra: Stop the Presses – There’s Something New in PLM

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Lectra Today’s fashion brands, manufacturers and retailers are dealing with the pressures of a competitive environment, economic downturn and speed to market. Nearly 60% of a product’s life is spent in design and development. It is essential to have complete visibility through the entire process and across the entire supply chain to ensure overall growth and increase profitability. The answer – PLM. But, there are a multitude of PLM solutions available to choose from. And, selecting the right solution is only half the battle. It’s also about analyzing your process, starting with good design and merchandising that then links to product development and implementation. To do this, it is important to choose the right partner – someone who knows your business and is dedicated to Fashion and Apparel.

Join Walter Wilhelm and Lectra as they discuss a new standard in integrated PLM dedicated to the Fashion industry. Learn from best practices and what is important when considering a PLM solution. So when the decision is made, you will have a truly optimized process, ensure real-time collaboration and ultimately be able to make better business decisions.

Web Seminar Details

When: May 19, 2009 2:00 p.m. ET

Duration: 1 hour

Featured Speakers:

• Walter T. Wilhelm, President, Walter Wilhelm Associates

• Simon Poulton, Vice President, Strategic Fashion and PLM Sales, Lectra North America

• Susan Nichols, Publisher, Apparel

Sponsored by Lectra

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