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Gabriel A/S Selects Lawson QuickStep Fashion


Industry-specific solution from Lawson Software to help drive efficiency for leading textile manufacturer in Northern Europe
(LONDON/ KOPENHAGEN, APRIL 23, 2010) Lawson Software today announced it has signed a contract to implement Lawson QuickStep Fashion with Gabriel A/S, a Danish manufacturer of upholstery textiles and solutions. Gabriel will replace its legacy software with the Lawson enterprise system designed specifically for the fashion industry. The company will also implement Lawson M3 Sales & Marketing, Document Archive Foundation and Business Intelligence applications. The Lawson solution will help Gabriel manage its supply chain and drive business efficiency and help the company build upon its market-leading position. The contract with Gabriel was signed during Lawson’s third quarter of fiscal 2010, which ended Feb. 28, 2010.
Gabriel A/S is headquartered in Aalborg, Denmark, from where it manages textiles to suppliers of leading furniture manufacturers throughout the world. The company is Northern Europe’s leading manufacturer of upholstery textiles for professional and home use. Export share is 89%.

Gabriel opted for Lawson QuickStep Fashion, a scalable enterprise resource planning (ERP) software package, that pre-configures more than 70 percent of core fashion industry business processes. This can help reduce implementation time by up to 50 percent. Using the new system, Gabriel will focus on improving productivity through enhanced supply chain planning and execution and purchasing efficiency. In the evaluation process the company used Lawson Opportunity Analyzer to identify the most significant opportunities for business process improvements and set company-wide strategic goals. Lawson Opportunity Analyzer is a business modeling tool designed to help companies analyze the financial and operative effects of various business scenarios and investments.

“Lawson QuickStep Fashion combines industry-specific content with built-in business tools based on Lawson’s experience and knowledge of the fashion industry. This made Lawson a great cultural and functional fit for our business, where we are facing complex supply chains and pressured time-to-market challenges, ” said Anders Hedegaard Petersen, Director at Gabriel A/S. “Lawson is able to offer lower cost of ownership and faster implementation times with the QuickStep solution.”

“Lawson QuickStep Fashion is an industry-tailored solution and can help companies like Gabriel achieve their business objectives. When you combine the QuickStep solution with the solid fashion industry expertise of the Lawson implementation team, we help position our customers to better manage the industry’s tight margins,” said Andrew Dalziel, global marketing director for Fashion at Lawson. “With more than 350 fashion customers globally, Lawson can offer businesses industry knowledge and industry-specific functionality that will help fashion companies achieve their goals.”

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