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Gerber Technology Releases AccuMark™ 8.4.1


New Release Focuses on Productivity, Improved Materialization and Ease of Use

(TOLLAND, CONN, USA, OCTOBER 28, 2010) Gerber Technology, a business unit of Gerber Scientific, Inc. (NYSE: GRB), announces the release of AccuMark™ 8.4.1.  This newest version of the market-leading CAD software is designed to increase productivity, improve materialization and promote ease of use.

“AccuMark is the standard for pattern design, grading, marker making and nesting in the apparel, transportation interiors, furniture and industrial fabrics industries,” commented Bill Brewster, President, Software Solutions, Gerber Technology.  “As we focus on continuous improvements to enable our customers to maintain their competitive edge, we’ve made several important enhancements to AccuMark in order to improve the productivity and ease of use for our clients.”

The new Autosave feature helps to protect against lost work and lost time due to unexpected shutdowns from power loss or other unpredicted situations.  The new Save Workspace function lets pattern makers close down their system in the middle of a project without losing work in the PDS work area. This feature can also be used to share sessions between users for enhanced collaboration. 

Automation is a powerful capability in AccuMark. The Batch engine provides users with the ability to automatically move jobs through different processes in the system. Improvements to 8.4.1 provide enhanced flexibility and control in Batch for customize processing to meet a users specific needs.

A new compaction function is now available to help improve material utilization.  This function can be used interactively during marker making.  Once a group of pieces are placed, Compact Marker can be used to improve the efficiency of that section of the marker. 

Significant enhancements have also been made to AccuMark’s ability to generate cut data. The automatic start point option automatically identifies the knife entry points at optimal locations – where there is limited congestion. There is also a new option to cut certain line segments more slowly due to complex contours. 

Managing inconsistent fabric can be a time consuming process.  The new support for shade zones in AccuNest makes this process much more manageable.  Markers for fabrics with variations in shading can now be made automatically with AccuNest, providing the best possible fabric efficiency.

Customers with Software Subscription Contracts can download AccuMark 8.4.1 free of charge from GERBERnet™, the company’s Internet-based customer service portal for software updates, replacement parts ordering and comprehensive technical documentation. Access to GERBERnet is provided via www.gerbertechnology.com. Software Subscription Contracts also offer users access to call centers around the world for further technical assistance.

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