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Gerber Technology’s Expanded AccuMark® Family Boosts Productivity by 10 Percent, Increases Throughput by 50 Percent


Introducing AccuMark 10.1 and New Module AccuPlan™

 TOLLAND, Conn., USA, Feb. 11, 2016 – A quicker response to market trends by apparel brands and retailers is the result of new technology that accelerates product development and quality while reducing costs. Gerber Technology, the world leader in integrated software and automation solutions for the apparel and industrial markets, has streamlined workflows and supported improved communication throughout the supply chain with the expansion of the AccuMark® family of products.

“The expanded AccuMark family of products will increase throughput and reduce physical samples by as much as 50 percent, and boost productivity by as much as 10 percent. We’ve made communication and quality control more collaborative all along the development and production process,” said Mary McFadden, Gerber’s executive director, CAD Product Management. “In addition, it can cut product development time by two weeks.”

AccuMark pattern design, marker making, grading and production planning software fully integrates the new AccuPlan and AccuMark 3D modules to increase productivity and accelerate time to market. It also coordinates and shares easily with YuniquePLM™.

AccuMark 10.1 closes the gap between production systems by streamlining workflows and supporting improved communication. It offers enhanced pattern design and development, marking, nesting, spread and cut planning. “AccuMark 10.1 accelerates collaboration and improves development time,” explained McFadden.  “Patternmakers can easily validate the accuracy of their patterns, and produce a wide range of styles for development. We have made great gains in reducing redundancies and improving integration from design to delivery.”

AccuMark supports digital design, production workflows and collaboration through a comprehensive family of features:

  • AccuMark 3D – offering improved productivity and time to market through enhancements that provide accelerated design development, AccuMark’s next-generation 3D is a powerful, functional platform integrated to the AccuMark system.
  • AccuPlan – this new spread and cut planning solution uses a Marker Library to plan for and process multiple cut orders, plan marker and ply requirements and generate reports, even for multiple fabrics. AccuPlan can increase throughput by 50 percent for spread and cut planning.
  • YuniquePLM Integration – collaboration between AccuMark and YuniquePLM has never been more seamless, as files can be easily moved or saved to both systems, and image and information databases are easily transferred from one system to the other. Bills of Material (BOMs) can be created in AccuMark and saved to YuniquePLM for an accelerated pattern development process.

Enhancements can be found throughout the AccuMark family of products. AccuMark users will find new smart patternmaking tools to improve pattern design productivity and color matching capabilities for fabric printing. Rule-based marker layouts increase marker throughput by using AccuNest on markers previously laid by hand. New DXF output options from AccuScan give customers more options for using photographs for pattern input.

“Throughout our product development process, we take into account the needs and experiences of our customers,” said McFadden. “We understand their challenges and have created this family of integrated products that make going to market easier, more accurate and much more successful.”

About Gerber Technology: Gerber Technology delivers industry-leading software and automation solutions that help apparel and industrial customers improve their manufacturing and design processes and more effectively manage and connect the supply chain, from product development and production to retail and the end customer. Gerber serves more than 78,000 customers in 130 countries, including more than 100 Fortune 500 companies in apparel & accessories, home and leisure, transportation, packaging and sign & graphics. The company develops and manufactures its products from various locations in the United States and Canada and has additional manufacturing capabilities in China.

Based in Connecticut in the USA, Gerber Technology is owned by Vector Capital, a San Francisco-based, global private equity firm specializing in the technology sector and managing more than $2 billion of equity capital. Visit www.gerbertechnology.com for more information.

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