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Getting fit for 2010? What about your Company?


WhichPLM recently launched the Company Healthcheck online survey to give clients a very high level indication of where there are gaps in product development efficiency. Here’s a brief overview of how the Company Healthcheck tool on WhichPLM works and the Ultimate Company Healthcheck service that is being offered by the Product Development Partnership (PDP) Ltd…

How does a Healthcheck work?

Get Fit for 2010!!

Users answer five simple questions to generate a score and where improvements could be made around process and technology, as well as being offered a free consultation with apparel product development process experts, Product Development Partnership (PDP) Ltd. Further to this service, PDP also offer a full scale version of the Company Healthcheck which delves deeper into product development processes, clearly defining specific areas that could be improved to drive cost and time efficiencies, enabling competitive advantage…

The Ultimate Company Healthcheck

Conducted at your company premises and taking between two and four days to complete (based on organisation size), senior qualified process experts from the Product Development Partnership (PDP) will take your product development team through a series of process-based questions relating to all aspects of supply-chain product development. Using a rigorous and proven process maturity diagnostic tool, the results enable PDP to identify key strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of each business process, based on maturity levels of industry best-practice.

On completion, practical and meaningful objectives are suggested…

The team of business process experts will then discuss the findings with your management team and suggest aspects of your product development processes where improvements could be made, or where there is potential to increase productivity and profitability with or without PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) technology involved.

At the end of the session, it is entirely up to you how you wish to proceed. In the light of any suggestions made, you may wish to implement improvements yourself, or you may want the PDP team to help you.

Either way, the path to improvement of your product development business process starts with the essential Healthcheck on the WhichPLM website. It's an important opportunity to get an absolutely objective view of your business.

Take the WhichPLM Healthcheck now! https://www.whichplm.com//healthcheck

Contact PDP for an Ultimate Company Healthcheck

For further information on this service, please email: info@whichplm.com 

About Product Development Partnership (PDP) Ltd

After 33 years of working within the retail, footwear and apparel industry and at a time when PLM is expanding across the globe, Mark Harrop recognised the need for a group of trusted, independent advisors that could help companies in the fashion industry to maximise the benefits of technology investments. He launched the PDP soon after with a team that has the experience and domain knowledge to offer such a service. For further information, please visit: http://pdplimited.com/

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