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Goldline UK Ltd selects Fast React’s Vision


Fast React LogoGoldline UK is a key supplier of footwear to several leading high street retailers. They work closely with customers to develop and design their footwear ranges and have an excellent reputation for quality and service.

The design, development and procurement of successful footwear ranges necessitates a considerable amount of travelling to the Far East by Designers, Technicians and other members of staff to ensure that products initially developed in the UK, both samples and bulk, is fit for purpose in appearance, fit and performance in wear. Every stage from the sample, through receipt of orders to production and delivery in the UK, is closely monitored by members of staff in the Far Eastern factories and Goldline’s administration staff in the UK so that the required service can be given to customers. Fast React’s solution has been a major factor in achieving what is required.

Paul Higham, Managing Director of Goldline commented “Having previously selected a full ERP system we unfortunately discovered it was quite rigid towards data and process requirements and this resulted in the implementation being abandoned. We reverted back to Excel spreadsheets.

“We reached a point within the business growth when it became essential that an easy to use system should be selected and installed to support future growth. After an extensive search, Fast React’s Vision was selected as the system covered all the requirements we needed.” continued Paul.

The Vision solution for Goldline includes Critical Path Management, Costings, Remote Supplier Collaboration, Purchase Orders, Cash Commitment, Document and Image Manager, and proactive Reporting, plus integration with their current business systems.

Andy Hinton, Fast React’s Business Development Director explains “Providing systems that are easy and efficient to use and removing the need for spreadsheets, is a key objective of Fast React. Our Vision solution has been designed to mimic the look and feel of spreadsheets whilst still providing the benefits of a fully integrated data base. This approach aids user adoption and speeds up the implementation process ensuring a fast return on investment.”

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