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GRANA selects Fast React’s Visionng e-PLM to increase speed and efficiency of design, development and supplier collaboration


Hong Kong based direct-to-consumer and eCommerce apparel brand, implements PLM project to support rapid growth and streamline best practice processes.

GRANA was conceptualised during a visit to Peru when CEO and founder Luke Grana visited Peru and

came across the superior quality of Peruvian Pima cotton in the local markets. He was impressed by the affordable cost, soft feel and durability of the fabric, and inspired to start a business to disrupt the inefficiencies within the fashion industry causing high prices for low-to-medium quality apparel: creating a brand that offers consumers timeless modern essentials made from the world’s finest fabrics, at low and honest prices.

GRANA’s commitment to directly sourcing the best quality fabrics from expert fabric mills and designing in-house; means less middlemen, agents and distributors who cause the high mark-ups within the supply chain, making it possible to lower the cost of high quality goods by having a lean supply chain and direct-to-consumer business. Operating predominately online only on grana.com, shipping to 12 markets with one to two-day delivery from Hong Kong. “I chose Hong Kong to start up the brand as it is the most strategic location for an eCommerce brand to ship to a global market. It’s a tax-free port, international air cargo and logistics hub. All products are directly shipped to our centralised warehouse, picked and packed, with a handwritten thank you note, then shipped to customers. It’s an efficient way to shop quality products!” comments Luke Grana.

Just over two-and-a-half years on, GRANA’s mission to ‘change the fashion industry from the ground up’ is gathering pace. With US $10 million in fresh funding led by Alibaba’s Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Fund, the start-up is growing rapidly, expanding its product range and geographical market reach with a focus on increasing its US brand presence (which is already its largest market), and identifying new market opportunities. To provide a solid foundation for accelerated growth, and continue delivering on its core commitment to design and make a high quality product at a low price (2-3 times mark-up), GRANA have undertaken a business wide review of processes and existing infrastructure. The objective was to identify opportunities for improving visibility, coordination and control, driving improved efficiency throughout the business and its supply chain. This included a review of systems and software from ERP and warehouse management, to eCommerce and PLM.

Niki Pedder, Head of Product at Grana commented, “As we enter the next phase of our growth, one of the key priorities for our business is to have a system in place which supports a more efficient design and development process, as well as enhancing supplier collaboration and management of capacity. Following an extensive review of potential vendors and solutions, we selected Fast React’s Visionng e-PLM, not only for the user-friendly interface and functional fit of the software, but because we felt confident that we had identified a partner who would be able to add value beyond software and help us deliver best practice processes.”

Luke Grana, CEO and founder of GRANA, also said, “As the business grows and evolves, it’s imperative for our processes and systems to stay ahead of the game and provide our team and suppliers with the tools and information that they need to get quality product to customers, in an efficient way and at an affordable price. We are looking forward to working with the Fast React team and drawing on their industry experience and expertise, as well as using the specialist tools that Visionng provides.”

Visionng is a flexible, modular solution that allows companies to select the most appropriate options for their business model. The software is available in a largely pre-configured, ready to use format which reflects industry standards and best practice or fully configurable for large enterprises or to suit more specific requirements.

GRANA’s Visionng solution includes Range Planning, Product Manager, Sample Manager, Tech Packs, Material Management, Costings, Supplier Loading, Critical Path Management and much more. Stuart McCready-Stocks, Global PLM Lead at Fast React said, “We are delighted to have GRANA as our first SaaS PLM customer in Hong Kong, and proud to be working with a young, ambitious brand with such an exciting business model. Having already spent time with the GRANA team, I am confident that our browser based PLM, with critical path management and supplier collaboration at its very core, represents a great fit for the business. Equally important, is the user-friendly interface and highly intuitive navigation which were well received throughout the demonstrations, and play such a key part in supporting rapid implementation and user adoption, bringing forward the benefits that the solution delivers. We look forward to a successful project and supporting GRANA and their continued growth.”

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