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GSD announces sales partnership with Mr Engineer


26 January 2016: Coats Group plc, the world’s leading industrial and consumer textile crafts business, is pleased to announce a global sales partnership between GSD and Mr Engineer.  GSD (Corporate) Ltd, which is part of Coats Global Services, has signed an exclusive agreement with Mr Engineer to market its solutions to the international sewn products industry.

Mr Engineer is a real-time monitoring solution that combines engineering best practice with strategic tools to increase operator productivity and efficiency.  By mapping operator practice and performance against an established cycle time, it captures and quantifies down-time, tracking every cycle to provide an accurate picture of operator pace and identify areas for improvement.

Mr Engineer’s software and hardware work as one to increase operator productivity, manage costs and improve quality across a wide range of factory operations.  The software has recently been upgraded with new technologies and enhanced features and is a natural fit with GSD.

Paul Timson, Managing Director, GSD said ‘This is an important next step in the expansion of the range of business solutions that GSD provides the sewn products industry to increase productivity, develop technical skills and drive efficiency.’

Jerry Tew, President and CEO, Mr Engineer said: ‘Our areas of expertise are highly complementary.  Following Coats’ acquisition of GSD, we are delighted to be associated with a company with such a strong and distinguished global presence.  Our product has always championed the importance of the operator in manufacturing – something that fits well with the heritage and history of Coats – and we believe this agreement will enable us to reach a greater range of global manufacturers to help them maximise performance and output.’

While GSD (Corporate) Ltd will act as the primary sales conduit, Mr Engineer LLC will be responsible for ongoing product development and day-to-day global support.

The partnership with Mr Engineer follows the announcement in May 2015 that Coats acquired 100% of GSD (Corporate) Ltd after a one year successful strategic alliance.

About GSD (Corporate) Ltd

GSD is a UK company based in Preston, traditionally the heartland of the UK garment and textile industry. Since 1976 it has been, and continues to be, a global market leader, supplying methods analysis and productivity improvement solutions to the sewn products sector.  As the globally accepted Predetermined Times System for the sewn products sector, GSD is referenced by the International Labour Organisation as an industry standard. It is active in more than 68 countries and has more than 5,000 customers worldwide.  There are also more than 12,000 formally licensed ‘GSD Practitioners’ in the world today. Revenues in 2014 were approximately £1.5m.


About Mr Engineer

Mr Engineer is a US company based in Alabama, which for almost 30 years has been providing the international sewn products industries in 15 countries with its patented revolutionary productivity-boosting software. Mr Engineer can be used to increase operator productivity, manage costs and improve quality across a wide range of operations, such as sewing, quality, spreading or pressing where a rate or production quota is applied.


About Coats Global Services

Coats Global Services was launched in response to customer demands to help industry partners realise productivity and supply chain gains, develop technical skills, and enhance corporate responsibility across manufacturing and colour management. In May 2015, Coats acquired 100% of GSD Corporate Ltd, which became a Coats Group company.


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