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GSD Introduces Standard Method Libraries for the Apparel Industry


(PRESTON, UK, MARCH 09, 2009) GSD (General Sewing Data), worldwide market leading specialists in productivity and costing solutions, launch a range of new Method Libraries for apparel Products.


'QED' Libraries in the form of garment components include: images, methods data and International Standard Time (SMV – Standard Minute Value) for each component. QED Libraries are now available for:

New Method Libraries for apparel Products.GSD Enterprise, the International Standard PTS (Predetermined Time Standard) Solution for the sewn products industry. As part of a more comprehensive GSD Enterprise Solution, QED offers full operation breakdown of each component so that the working method maybe fine tuned for local factory conditions and used for the basis of Productivity improvements.

GSD QUEST, the costing and benchmarking standard for manufacturers and retailers alike. Used within GSD QUEST, QED Libraries form the backbone of an industry standard Labour Costing solution used by, non technical, costing and product development staff.

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For more information about QED, GSD Enterprise or GSD QUEST contact: David Berry at sales@gsdhq.com

About GSD

GSD (Corporate) Ltd. has been a worldwide market leader and industry standard since 1976, supplying methods analysis and improvement solutions to the sewn products industries. GSD (General Sewing Data), specializes in productivity and costing solutions and is the world-renowned tool for work measurement and quantification. It is the established leader in its field, and referenced by the ILO (International Labour Office) in Geneva as the system for the creation of standard data for the sewn products industries. http://www.gsdhq.com/



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