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Guest Blog from ecVision: Paving the Way for Supply Chain Collaboration


Senior sourcing executives have been barraged on all fronts with the word “collaboration” and prophets spewing the need to “collaborate” in order to achieve success.  Overused – maybe.  Improperly used or explained – definitely.  The “with who”, and “why” and more importantly “how” to collaborate are questions still not clearly defined.    So we are setting out to set it straight.

In order to thrive in today’s competitive market, retail leaders need to make actionable changes to their business operations.  Retailer’s have five supply chain tenets that need to be balanced in order to gauge success – cost, agility, risk, innovation and speed.  This means managing the supply chain through collaboration with all of the players to achieve a good balance between each of these goals in order to maximize the total result.  Retailers and suppliers can benefit when the right levels of each feature are attained.

In the past you have relied on your PLM, ERP and SCM software to help manage these complex issues, with marginal success. Why? Because the global supply chain challenges are not “in-house” problems; rather, they are all about external data and the parties involved. Managing global sourcing requires multi-enterprise integration, visibility and collaboration across the trading partner network. The right solution — a collaborative platform that creates a connected network of global partners through powerful Cloud-based technology.

Gartner clearly states that a growing percentage of enterprises will rethink their supply chain execution software portfolios, and adopt cross-functional platforms that support true integrated, end-to-end business processes.

As a leading collaborative platform provider, ecVision is creating a trend called “supply chain convergence”.  By converging content from multiple technology sources and service providers, it will become easy for information to be mined and have more value extracted out of it. More importantly this information can be used to collaborate with suppliers of every tier where the real value is derived.

This gives the retailer the ability to effectively manage the supply stream by weighing the options when making choices that will have a better outcome.  At the end of the day, all that matters is whether the consumer likes the product on the shelf and takes it home.  The long journey to that objective is where ecVision Suite can help.

You are invited to download this whitepaper and others by visiting http://www.ecvision.com/resourceslibrary.php

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