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Guest blog from FastFit360 – The Social Revolution for Enterprise


In this guest blog Ilona Foyer, President of Las Vegas-based expanded PLM supplier FastFit360, looks at why enterprise – in all its forms – needs to be social.

Facebook is essentially driving the direction in which the entire industry is going, especially that of enterprise.  The social revolution is coming to enterprise software, that is inevitable, and those who don’t get on board are going to fall by the wayside. With shortening timelines, increasing numbers of SKU’s and a reduction in travel budgets, the worldwide communication and collaboration facilitated by social media is becoming a vital tool for companies who wish to efficiently (and quickly) allow employees to communicate.

This philosophy is of utmost importance for enterprises (and let‘s be honest, every company out there) when it comes to promoting better partnerships. The Arab Spring movement in the Middle East, in which Facebook and Twitter played such an integral role in allowing protestors (and one and all) to communicate with the outside world and each other, just shows how technology has influenced our new way of life. The cloud, mobility, and the shift to the social have been fundamentally changing the Web, and the same can be said for enterprise as well.

After these social networks enabled this kind of imperative and essential communication, signs like “Thank you, Facebook” were seen across the Middle East.  We didn‘t see signs that said, “Thank you, Microsoft”, and that‘s the point.

1 out of 7 people in the world are a member of a social network. There are more Internet users in China than the population of the United States. In an industry where global is the reality, we need to give our teams the right tools to accomplish the goals and initiatives set.

The effects of the social media revolution have allowed people to interact and converse with brands and companies in realtime —at a pace unprecedented when looking back as little as five years ago. Thus, it is imperative for enterprise companies to give employees the tools to work efficiently in realtime — because it can have a profound effect on the bottom line.  Tools like FastFit360.

Called “the Facebook of Fashion”, FastFit360 can help teams collaborate easily and connect with partners like never before. And thanks to the Cloud (with access possible from iPad, iPhone, laptops or any mobile device with a data connection), all of it comes with low cost, low risk and fast results.

FastFit360 is a perfect example of how corporations are looking for socially inclined technology to help global team members communicate Online. Some of the early adopters of FastFit360 include Macy‘s and Ralph Lauren to name a few.

FastFit360 provides an Online playground that tracks all the work committed to a sample. Partners are able to edit, reply and comment with their counterparts – all without ever leaving the application. Whether it’s the “annotate and comment” feature, or the social media stream – FastFit360 helps enterprise businesses collaborate past time zones to meet global deadlines.

FastFit360‘s Cloud started in the corporate world for reliability, security and accessibility. To find out more about FastFit360, please visit: http://www.fastfit360.com or contact ilona.foyer@fastfit360.com

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