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Guest Blog from Lectra – The threads of success: technology and expertise are the fibers that bind a good PLM implementation


LectraThe limitations of yesterday’s technology are painfully apparent in today’s global supply chain. Key contributors often find themselves marooned, forced to communicate using yesterday’s techniques. Sometimes floating a message out to sea would seem more effective than grappling with piles of email and Excel attachments.

But the technology to “connect the dots” is out there—it’s called Product Life Cycle Management (PLM). So far, however, few companies have invested enough in process refinement and system integration to bring their key suppliers and factories on-board. The only way to make the strong connections necessary between these links is healthy and coherent technology implementation across the supply chain. 

Implementation is a skill—and not one all PLM vendors master. Getting a system up and running quickly and efficiently and assuring everyone is happy using it is no small task. Lectra’s successful, ahead-of-schedule implementation at La Jolla was a result of tried-and-tested methodology and a solid partnership with Walter Wilhelm Associates, the leader in apparel technology consulting. Over the last three years, a seamless organization has materialized between us, thanks to our joint work on a number of technology projects. WWA has become a natural extension of the Lectra team, bringing additional methodology and project management skills to complement Lectra’s own extensive industry experience. 

Technology alone is not enough to ensure a successful PLM implementation. Lectra and WWA understood this when we took on the La Jolla project. Instead of confining PLM to data management, we wove the technology throughout the entire life cycle, knitting concept and design, product data management, development, and materials together, right down to the supplier base. Lectra and WWA have the rare industry understanding necessary to deliver this level of tight integration. Our powerful combination of technological and practical expertise underscores an exclusive partnership that matures with every project. 

 By Walter Wilhelm

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