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Henderson Goes Live with Aptos PLM


October 16, 2018 — Aptos, Inc., a recognised market leader in retail technology solutions, in conjunction with KORUS Consulting, Aptos’ partner in Russia, has successfully completed the rollout of Aptos PLM at Henderson, the largest Russian retailer of men’s clothing. Aptos PLM supports Henderson in managing its product development and supplier collaboration processes.

Henderson fashion house has been producing business clothes, shoes and accessories for men since 1993. The retail network of the company includes 165 stores in 62 Russian cities. Henderson manages an assortment of more than 1,500 style/color options each season and collaborates with more than 60 suppliers all over the world.

Prior to the adoption of Aptos PLM, the management of the product creation cycle — from the development of collections and procurement of materials to the production process and the delivery to stores — was carried out using spreadsheets. This approach, which is traditional for many Russian companies, has a number of disadvantages, including fragmentation and loss of information, difficulties tracking changes, and lack of tools to support collaboration, both within the company and with suppliers.

Realising the great potential that lies in improving process efficiency, Henderson’s top management decided to implement an advanced IT solution to manage product development. The experience of the world’s leading brands — from the mass market to haute-couture — demonstrated how Aptos PLM differentiates in the marketplace for being the most popular, functional and proven solution for fashion PLM. The project was handled by Aptos’ delivery team, together with specialists from KORUS Consulting.

“We pursue innovation in everything we do — whether it’s the materials and technology of tailoring or business tools,” says Alexander Moroz, Vice President of Henderson. “We chose Aptos because its solution is the most advanced PLM platform for the fashion business and resulted to be the best match to our specific needs.”

The new system has become a single work center for more than 30 Henderson specialists throughout the organisation, including designers and category and import managers as well as planners. Combining functions for style development, and materials’ and suppliers’ selection, Aptos PLM helps Henderson manage deadlines at all stages of the production cycle, simultaneously supporting the costing of new products.

Aptos PLM is also supporting Henderson in its specific need to manage capsule collections. Capsules can be considered as a single entity in the planning, production, order placement and logistics processes, which ultimately ensures their on-time delivery to stores.

In order to help collaboration with production sites in Europe, Russia, South America and Southeast Asia, Aptos PLM provides a B2B portal that allows Henderson employees to better structure their communication with suppliers, as well as monitor the collection progress and compliance with deadlines. Pantone palettes are integrated into the solution, which creates a unified perception of color shades among designers, material suppliers and production partners, ensuring compliance of finished products with the original ideas of designers.

“Aptos will take our key process to a whole new level,” says Moroz. “Every day, our employees discover new opportunities and ways to improve efficiency. And, we will not stop there; the next stage of the project will be the use of Aptos for Assortment and Merchandise Financial Planning,which will produce additional advantages to our business.”

“The excellent results of the implementation were ensured, first of all, by the comprehensive support of Henderson’s top management and their active involvement at all stages of the project,” comments Lyudmila Ternovaya, Director of Planning and Forecasting at KORUS Consulting. “Henderson managed to create a very strong and motivated internal project team, the interaction with which was not only productive but also humanly pleasant. We are grateful to Aptos for another joint project.”

“Our solution differentiates in the marketplace for its ability to support the product lifecycle from end to end and for being specifically tailored to the needs of fashion,” adds Frank Lord, International Sales Leader at Aptos. “We are proud of the appreciation by Henderson and the results achieved so far. With support from our local partner KORUS Consulting, we were able to handle all of the specificities of the market, while marking another milestone in our expansion in Russia.”

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