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House of Lola boosts sustainability and efficiency with C-DESIGN PLM


HOUSE OF LOLA has partnered with C-DESIGN PLM to structure the digital management of its collection. A human-sized PLM, C-DESIGN PLM is friendly, intuitive, and perfectly suited to this brand made up of young and active women concerned with both efficiency and sustainability. This collaboration has proven to be exactly what House of Lola was looking for to keep moving forward.

C-DESIGN PLM fits their needs perfectly now and has the potential to grow with them in the future.

Thanks to this ongoing partnership, HOUSE OF LOLA has a powerful tool to help streamline their processes to better analyze data internally. All product information is in one digital hub, accessible to everyone. The team has an overview at every stage of product development to continue to supply quality products to its customers on an ongoing basis.


In 2008 Anna Eklund and Lottis Sparrman, two mothers of young children and entrepreneurs with a common dream, launched House of Lola. Starting from the firm conviction that it is the customers who show the way, House of Lola has grown into a fashion brand dedicated to designing clothing for modern women.

Using soft, high-quality materials and with cuts to flatter women’s bodies and curves, production is assured by European manufacturers with whom they have a longstanding relationships. The clothes are just as suitable for a party as for a business meeting or relaxing at home.



Established in 1998, C-DESIGN® is a creative and innovative software house, specializing in developing, marketing and supporting creative software solutions for the textile industry.

Our mission is to provide the textile industry with effective technologies, innovative tools meeting industry key players evolving needs.

The Research and Development department continuously enhances C-DESIGN PLM with the aim to provide the most efficient solutions for an industry which is in constant change. The mission of C-DESIGN® is also to offer its services. Share their knowledge in terms of organization and internal communication. To help you maximize your work time, to improve the quality and speed of sharing information between all actors in the business. The teams gain in responsiveness, execution time, efficiency and profitability.


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