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Human Solutions at the “Clothing Machinery 2016” exhibition in Istanbul


Kaiserslautern, 19. April 2016 – Human Solutions will be at the “Clothing Machinery 2016” Exhibition in Istanbul from April 27 to 30, together with its Turkish partner company ASTAS. The main focus will be on 3D simulation in Vidya, but the color body scanner VITUSbodyscan will also be showcased.

Around one third of Turkey’s exports originate in the textile and apparel industry, which is becoming increasingly important in the country. Human Solutions will showcase its solutions for the entire process chain of the apparel industry in Istanbul. The main focus will be on 3D simulation in Vidya, a leading software for three-dimensional clothing simulation. Vidya can visualize and simulate collections, with correct body dimension data, original CAD designs and real material parameters, so fewer sample pieces have to be sewn, saving time and costs. Vidya data can also be used throughout the entire fashion process – in the “Virtual Mirror”, for example, a product for digital fitting that Human Solutions will also be exhibiting.

What can Vidya do?

Vidya simulates persons with absolutely realistic body measurements, volume and movement behavior. The simulated 3D garment consists of the sewn 2D CAD pattern pieces, just like in real life. Vidya also uses real material parameters, allowing the natural stretch behavior and the structure of a fabric to be checked on the screen. Human being, cut and fabric interact perfectly for the simulation – and the same measurements/sizetables are used in CAD and to create avatars. Drape, elasticity and structure correspond to the fabric’s natural movement behavior.


3D color scanner at the exhibition booth

Anyone visiting the booth can have himself measured in the VITUSbodyscan 3D color scanner – and within seconds, he’ll receive an almost photo-realistic image of his body, with around 150 body measurements. The development of a color scanner is a huge step forward for the apparel industry: one benefit is that the color textures make the virtual fitting of garments even more realistic.

Learn more at the booth of Human Solutions and partner ASTAS! Hall 2, Booth 203/207B/208

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