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Importations Jolar-Speck Inc. Selects Visual Next End2End Software Solutions


Montreal, Canada – March 26th, 2018Visual Next, leading provider of End2End software solutions for the fashion, footwear, accessories and uniform industries, is delighted to announce that it has been selected by Importations Jolar-Speck Inc., to implement their suite of fashion business software.

Importations Jolar-Speck Inc. specializes in distributing lingerie, halloween costumes, sportswear hosiery and swimwear to retailers. Jolar-Speck has been successfully operating and growing their business since 1983. As their growth continued, the old legacy system they had in place could no longer sustain their business. The Visual Next End2End solution was selected following an evaluation of competing Tier 1 and Tier 2 ERP systems. Visual Next End2End solutions will provide a single platform solution for Jolar-Speck to seamlessly manage their entire enterprise more efficiently and cost effectively.

Martine Joanisse, Vice President of Importations Jolar-Speck proclaimed, “Jolar-Speck had been operating on a legacy system for over 20 years. We realized overtime that its abilities proved to be limited. Simple tasks, such as generating invoices took multiple steps, and our three sales channels were completely disconnected. After researching software providers in the market, we decided to implement Visual Next End2End Solutions because of their specialty in apparel and their experience with lingerie companies. We are looking forward to completing our implementation with Visual Next in order to speed up manual processes, and allow the company to be much more efficient overall.”

Jolar-Speck will be taking advantage of Visual Next’s ERP System, Supply Chain Management, Warehouse Management System, Sale Force Automation, eCommerce integration and Business Intelligence solutions.

“We are looking forward to working with another great player in the lingerie sector,” exclaimed Sam Edery, Global Business Development of Visual Next. “We are confident that Visual Next’s array of software will benefit the company by allowing them to move even faster from conception to production. Their needs of acquiring more inventory control, billing coordination and real-time reporting, as well as gathering and analyzing accurate data throughout their sales channels, will be fulfilled by Visual Next Solutions.”

About Importations Jolar-Speck

Importation Jolar-Speck is a family owned and operated business founded in 1983 in Montreal. They specialize in distributing lingerie, halloween costumes and swimwear to Canadian retailers.


About Visual Next

Visual Next provides End2End software to apparel, uniform, footwear and fashion accessory companies. More than 550 companies around the world take advantage of Visual Next’s advanced PLM, ERP, Supply Chain Management, Warehouse Optimization, Business Intelligence Software and more.


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