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Industrias Manufactureras MyR selects GSDCostV5 to standardise and optimise sustainable manufacturing method and cost


Mexico-based garment manufacturer to utilise GSDCostV5 from Coats Digital, harnessing internationally recognised method-time benchmarks to drive costing optimisation, manufacturing excellence and business profitability.

The Digitization Journey

A long-time Coats Digital customer, Industrias MyR already utilises FastReactPlan, Coats Digital’s production planning solution, and is continuing its digitisation journey with Coats Digital by adopting the market leading time-cost benchmarking solution, GSDCostV5. The solution will help Industrias MyR to utilise accurate standard minute values (SMVs) and provide a strong foundation for increased efficiency through better planning, balanced production lines and optimised capacity predictions, while concurrently delivering on CSR commitments.

The team at Industrias MyR recognised that a lack of manufacturing method standardisation was leading to subjective costing and inaccurate planning. As a result, it was difficult for the team to accurately calculate labour costs or gain complete visibility into the realistic manufacturing costs. Ultimately, this had a detrimental impact on profitability. Committed to innovation and continuous improvement on their digitisation journey, Industrias MyR was looking for a fact-based approach to quantify and optimise manufacturing methods and costs.

With GSDCostV5 from Coats Digital, Industrias MyR will be able to use international standard motion codes and pre-determined times, to establish and communicate open, fact-based garment costs based on sustainable method standards. This will allow MyR to eliminate over or under costing, and ensure that accurate, fair and sustainable labour costs are considered at an early stage of the product development cycle.

Edgar Peña, Operations Manager at Industrias Manufactureras MyR commented,

As we continue to grow, we need to keep innovating and digitising our business to improve our bottom line results, but also our employee well-being. Implementing GSDCostV5 will allow us to accurately calculate fair labour costs, standardise our working methods and further improve our productivity.”

SaaS Advantage

The latest version of GSDCost will allow the Industrias MyR team to leverage an intuitive SaaS based platform, incorporating the latest capabilities, to provide fast access and high performance from anywhere in the world. The cloud-based solution will facilitate easy upgrades, reduce upfront costs, and enable better scalability and data security.

Eva Rivadeneyra, Sales Director of Coats Digital for Latin America commented…

“We are delighted to continue our partnership with MyR with the implementation of GSDCostV5. Building on our market-leading heritage as the international time-cost benchmark, this new browser-based version of our solution delivers a highly intuitive experience that will facilitate rapid user adoption and accelerated business benefits.”

GSDCostV5 supports a more collaborative, transparent, efficient and sustainable apparel supply chain, taking time-cost benchmarking, costing optimisation and method improvement to a new level and placing people and fair wages at the heart of the recovery from the global pandemic.

For more information about the features and business benefits of GSDCostV5, or any of Coats Digital’s supply chain solutions, visit: www.coatsdigital.com or email: marketing.coatsdigital@coats.com

Coats Digital

Coats Digital is the software business of Coats Group, the world’s leading industrial thread company delivering innovation, digital solutions and sustainable value to c. 40,000 customers in over 100 countries around the globe.

Coats Digital leverages deep industry and technology expertise to create business critical software solutions specifically for fashion brands, retailers and manufacturers delivering tangible improvements in speed/agility, productivity/cost and sustainability across the end-to-end supply chain. Our industry leading solutions allow customers to optimise, connect and accelerate key processes from design and development, to costing, sourcing and production planning and control.

Coats Digital supports customers on the digital transformation journey, solving their key pain points in the supply chain, which is critical to achieving their strategic objectives. Specialist, business critical solutions, created for fashion businesses and proven to deliver significant, measurable and sustainable improvements in operational and financial performance, while concurrently delivering on compliance and CSR commitments.


Part of Coats Digital’s Brand and Manufacturer Suite, GSDCost is the time and cost benchmarking standard for apparel brands and manufacturers. GSDCost provides a scientific, fact-based approach to quantifying and optimising manufacturing methods and costs and accurately and consistently establishes international standard time values for garments and other sewn products in the apparel supply chain.

GSDCost provides the ability to establish and quantify each step or operation in the manufacturing process, from cut to pack, and allows visibility of a business’ true manufacturing cost, allowing improved decision making and margin optimisation.

The new browser-based version of the solution GSDCostV5 leverages the latest software architecture to deliver a highly intuitive SaaS solution and also introduces a globalised fair wage tool, which brings a new level of visibility and transparency to discussions on time, cost and compliance. GSDCostV5 launches with a native integration into the Res.Q shop floor suite of solutions providing a real-time, digital feedback loop of actual versus standard minute value at the operation level, highlighting variances and opportunities for proactive, continuous improvement.

Industrias Manufactureras MyR 

Established in 1996 in Irapuato, Mexico, Industrias Manufactureras MyR is one of the most prominent garment manufacturers in Latin America.

Industrias MyR manufactures a wide variety of sportswear and security force uniforms and is recognised as a trusted supplier for brands like Puma, adidas, Charly and Protactic.

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