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Industry Forum: Why Fast Fashion in a Recession?


Explore the challenges of fashion fashion…

Understand how to implement a Fast Supply Chain at Industry Forum’s upcoming Fast Fashion workshop, 18th March, in London.

– Understand in more depth the principles behind the Zara and fast fashion business models and how improved efficiency reduces costs,
– Explore how to achieve a fast supply chain and deliver better products, faster, with lower risk, reducing the cash to cash cycle.
– Learn how to improve the critical path, re-engineer the supply chain and manage the process more effectively.
– Improve decision making postponing decisions until demand is more certain.

“Fast, cheap fashion is no longer a disposable, niche idea. It’s the defining trend in Europe’s textile and apparel industry today”.

The Workshop

Industry Forum’s new Fast Fashion workshop will provide you with valuable insights into how to achieve speed from concept to delivery to the consumer. In a recessionary environment with unpredictable demand, having shorter supply chain pipelines becomes critical. Consumers look for better value and inefficient supply chains quickly crumble under the joint pressure of reducing prices and increasing costs. Being lean and efficient with low waste is therefore a strategic necessity for survival. Learn what processes enable the Fast Fashion cycle from design to point of sale to be achieved in 4-6 weeks and the company culture required to support the processes. Using case studies and team activities the workshop will show how retailers and manufacturers can follow Zara and other fast fashion brands and improve speed to market, increase responsiveness, and overall supply chain performance. Learn some key steps and changes in philosophy which can make an impact on your business, quickly. This workshop is a must in understanding the management processes and behaviour required to deliver speed and low cost.

This workshop is part of the on-going series of workshops designed to assist companies make the step change in performance required to satisfy the demands of the current consumer. At the workshop, industry professionals network and discuss today’s issues.

About Industry Forum

Industry Forum is the sector leader in implementing best practice in the fashion supply chain from concept to carrier bag. Clients include major retailers and manufacturers: Arcadia, Fielding Group, House of Fraser, The Just Group, Littlewoods, Marks & Spencer, New Look, Next, Quantum Clothing Group and Pacific Brands. IFS has delivered its fast fashion workshop to over 4000 delegates in Europe, the Americas and Australia. Find out more at: www.industryforum.net

Download the agenda and booking form here (pdf file)

Contact us

Please complete and email the booking form to k.watson@industryforum.net or fax to +44 020 72293675


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