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iShopShape announces operations in Italy


Further underpinning European expansion.

(HAARLEM, NETHERLANDS, MARCH 15, 2010) After several years of activities through partners in Italy, iShopShape announces that, from the 1st of February 2010, they have started direct operations in the Italian territory, appointing Roberto Fonti as Sales Representative Italy. The current iShopShape partners, Porini and TXT, will remain active!

Roberto Fonti has over 11 years experience in the fashion industry since his first approach as Business Developer for a leading PLM vendor and then consolidating his fashion and retail process knowledge as Sales Manager in the ERP business for textile and apparel.  During this time, more than nine years, he also had the opportunity to experience ERP, PLM and Production Planning sales.

After only one month of activity, iShopShape already has a long list of promising leads and a great interest from several big Italian retail players. The solutions are really innovative and will surely change the way of managing Visual Merchandising and vital fashion retail processes.

The aim of the solutions is to optimize the process while saving time, money and increasing sales and margins. This is the secret of the success and the reason why more then 225 companies have adopted iShopShape solutions.  Examples are Adidas, Auchan, Cisalfa, s-Oliver, Hugo Boss, Kaufhof, de Bijenkorf and many others!
Roberto Fonti says “we believe in our success in Italy, even during this difficult time, because the Italian fashion industry is moving from production to retail and they are watching the companies who already made this successful change. iShopShape has helped many companies accomplishing this change, so Italian companies can easily and quickly benefit from this wealth of experience now ready-made.”

About iShopShape

iShopShape provides and develops software solutions to optimize shop floor and collection communication with a main focus on the Fashion Industry. Maurits Teunissen and Bartel Huibregtsen, co-founders of iShopShape, have a track record in fashion-related software design. We are a dedicated team of loyal and talented specialists who have worked closely together for many years, and who know exactly what fashion clients need for creative freedom and effective execution of their plans.

Mockshop  (from vrSofware) is a virtual reality tool that lets you build interactive 3D stores of any size and space grade on your PC. Mockshop gives you complete creative freedom in designing perfect shopfloor layouts by simply dragging and dropping virtual fixtures in a full 3D environment. Create planograms as a complete visual guide to every fixture in the virtual store.

Two newly launched products with great potential, ShopShape and Styleshoots, have recently been added to iShopShape range of solutions. Early adopting customers have already reported their excitement about the revolutionary ShopShape software, a totally web-based store compliance tool with an exceptionally high ROI.

Styleshoots is a hardware and software package to create a completely furnished photo studio for high resolution web content photography. It provides fully automated RAW photography with unique features such as remote capture software, automatic creation of cut-out images, and the full set of professional photo studio hardware.

For further information, please visit: www.iShopShape.com

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