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iShopShape Unveils Web-based ChainReaction SOURCE


Product Lifecycle Management solution tailored to fashion companies  

(Haarlem/Netherlands, May 18, 2011) iShopShape, a leading provider of retail execution solutions, has announced its new product suite designed to help fashion companies streamline their product lifecycle management (PLM) processes. The new solution, ChainReaction SOURCE, enables customers to reduce time to market from the design stage to store delivery. The suite includes functionality that supports the entire supply chain, including product design and line planning, product data management, collaborative workflow, order and shipment processes. The company’s new PLM division is headed up by Tom van Soest, who has more than 15 years’ experience in fashion PLM and retail solutions.

ChainReaction SOURCE, developed with significant input from customers in the apparel, footwear and accessory industries, is an intuitive web-based solution that covers all aspects of fashion-industry PLM. It includes support for line planning, bill of materials (BOM) listings, full measurement management, and pre-costing. ChainReaction SOURCE saves customers time with preconfigured quote requests, sample orders and purchase order management processes, complemented with revision history and critical-path tracking and tracing. The new solution integrates easily with retail planning and visual merchandising (VM) solutions, including Mockshop, providing a true end-to-end PLM and VM solution tailored to the fashion industry’s requirements.

Using ChainReaction SOURCE, fashion companies – even those working across distributed locations – can easily share style catalogues as well as product specifications and costings. When needed, they can collaborate via the web with their suppliers, customers and retailers, helping to make approval processes more efficient. By tracking each stage in the design, sampling and production process, companies eliminate the risk of “reinventing the wheel” and duplicating work already completed. Along with the integrated version control, this tracking ensures time savings as well as a better use of resources, because everyone is working to a single version of each product or line.

“With the increase of globalisation and outsourcing in the fashion industry, product lifecycle management is becoming much more complex,” comments Tom van Soest, Director PLM division at iShopShape. “By streamlining all the processes from design to retail, and improving communication and collaboration between all parties, ChainReaction SOURCE responds to a real industry need. It is designed to help companies easily adapt the integrated business processes, forms and models to their specific requirements.”

ChainReaction SOURCE is available now from iShopShape and its channel partners. Customers can license and deploy the solution on their premises, or choose the cloud/SaaS (software as a service) option for on-demand application availability.

About iShopShape

iShopShape is a global provider of PLM and retail execution solutions that optimize the processes from design to retail.

Retail customers of iShopShape are well-known chains including C&A, Peek & Cloppenburg, Kaufhof, Bijenkorf and Takko.

Prestigious wholesale chains like O’Neill, Adidas, Puma, s.Oliver, CoolCat, have been able to initiate successful processes with iShopShape software and increase sales to and by their retail customers. Further information is available at www.ishopshape.com.

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