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“It’s time to rethink and reinvent your brand image.” Lectra’s latest guest article is aimed directly at designers; exploring ways in which designers can stand out against competitors, maintaining a unique and innovative perspective. 

Due to the digital revolution, the fashion marketplace is becoming a fast-paced and complex one. Trends change in the matter of days instead of seasons nowadays. As a result, consumers have become more demanding, wanting on-trend collections delivered on time at their doorstep. Consumers have also refined their fashion palate, unwilling to compromise on the quality and design of their clothes. They want to stand out.

It’s time to rethink and reinvent your brand image.

You, as a designer of today, also need to find a way to stand out amongst your competitors. Your company’s success heavily relies on you. You are the architect of your company’s brand DNA. Your designs reflect the company’s identity. That is how consumers can tell you apart from the others. That is how they choose YOU instead of the others.

What does it take to be a designer of today?

You need to maintain a unique and innovative perspective while having to design within short time-frames. Your designs not only have to be special but also pragmatic, in terms of satisfying the ergonomic needs of your consumers, and in terms of adapting to your production processes, leaving no time to waste.

So, you need to:

  • Stay unique and innovative in your design thinking;
  • Work efficiently to develop an expansive variety of styles and fabrics within a short time-frame;
  • Maintain a high standard of design quality without compromising your profit margins

Sounds like a challenge!

And almost every challenge can be overcome.

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So how do you stay unique and innovative in your design thinking?

Finding the time for creativity is the answer. This means having to dramatically reduce the time spent on administrative tasks and correcting errors. Having design tools integrated into a collaborative platform means reducing repetitive tasks as you and your design team will be working from existing designs.  That way, time will be put aside for you to create a collection according to your own vision.

Finding inspiration is also another key element.  As an artist, you need to develop a design perspective. What kind of style should your clothes undertake? What should be the defining element of your clothes to make the collection visually consistent?

Drawing inspiration from different sources within a limited time frame is no small feat! For that, you will need a virtual mood board integrated into your collaborative platform. Your design team members can then collectively contribute to the mood board, pinning fabric swatches of different colors, styles and visuals from external sources. With one single mood board for the whole team, your team members will share the same vision for the upcoming collection, making it distinctive and visually consistent.

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How do you work efficiently to develop an expansive variety of styles and fabrics within a short time frame?

A platform of such nature also provides a well-connected environment where design and product development teams can share accurate information. This facilitates discussions among your team members to come up with variety of styles and fabrics whilst adhering to the main themes of your collections.

Being equipped with sophisticated design solutions on a collaborative platform is also very important.  Easy-to-use design solutions can provide you with a huge range of fabric swatches and styles. That way, you and your team members don’t have to waste time searching for inspiration – everything will be served on one single platter!

How do you maintain a high standard of design quality without compromising your profit margins?

The key to having a successful collection is not only merely designing, but having well-informed designs.

By having a 360° vision of the entire design-to-production process, you can identify and avoid non value-added tasks.  Streamlining your design processes is an important step to ensuring high design quality as all your time and energy will be spent on designing and not on other tasks.

Fool proofing your production process is an important step.  Having a bird’s eye view of the process enables you to identify and clear potential roadblocks. This helps you create designs that are well-adapted to each and every production stage and avoid errors in terms of size and fit. You will be also informed of your budget while designing. Every kind of material you envision using for your designs will be accurately priced on the platform.  That way, you will not overspend. At the end of the day, having a distinctive brand identity is the key to success. In order to do so, you need to develop and maintain a fresh design perspective while keeping the design teams, business strategists and product developers well aligned with your design vision.  A collaborative platform can facilitate that by streamlining your design processes and enabling communication between different teams.

That way, you’ll create trends instead of merely just following them. 

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