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It’s Time to Innovate! Part One: E-Spec


Vital Link in the ChainAs competition for consumers’ disposable income becomes fierce in today’s market, retailers, brands and manufacturers are innovating with technologies that help to streamline product development processes. WhichPLM takes a look at some of the products on the market that support Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) as an end-to-end solution.



E-Spec: bridging the gap between the creative and the analytical


E-Spec logoApparel companies rely on several separate software systems to run their businesses: PDM/PLM, ERP, Sourcing, CRM, Logistics, Catalogues and Customer Support. Artists and designers use Adobe Creative Suite to create product graphics, of which are used by all of these systems to communicate the product visually, so currently the images and data (associated with these graphics) are duplicated many times throughout the product lifecycle.

E-Spec is an Adobe Solutions partner and in the business of making graphics, and the related data, flow through the multiple systems which communicate product data (instead of remaining locked inside a database). Our suite of products utilizes Adobe technology (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, JPGs and PDFs) to embed data within the graphics so that the graphics become digital assets.

E-Spec productsEach season, companies generate terabytes of graphical data with multiple copies of the same image being used by different systems. Keeping the graphics updated becomes impossible. Often the same data has to be manually rekeyed into multiple systems at various points along the workflow, leaving room for costly errors in production. E-Spec has an integrated set of solutions to make all of your systems work seamlessly with your graphics and data.

Let each of your systems perform the task they were designed for and what they do best. Let your graphics be the glue which brings them all together.


See for yourself

Let us demonstrate how our suite of Adobe-based products can reduce duplicate images and eliminate redundant data entry, keeping all of your systems working on the ‘same page’. For more information, visit:  www.e-spec.net


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