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It’s Time to Innovate! Part Three: Fast React


Vital Link in the ChainIn this feature, WhichPLM looks at new technologies retailers, brands and manufacturers are using to stay competitive and support an end-to-end solution with Product Lifecycle Management. Part three looks at Fast React… 


Fastreact: Specialist Planning & Sourcing Solutions specifically designed for Apparel, Textiles and Footwear companies.

Fast ReactThe key focus of the Fastreact approach to planning is improved visibility, co-ordination and control of products. In the face of increasing demand for better speed and flexibility, many companies are now finding that their existing business systems simply cannot cope; which frequently results in the onerous use of manual spreadsheets.

Many companies are now considering the implementation of PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) systems and Fastreact can be installed alongside to provide control of the planning process and complete visibility of the entire supply chain.

The Solution

Fastreact enables clients to easily visualise the three key planning criteria: critical path activities, capacity planning and material requirements, providing visual alerts when problems arise. Full supply chain collaboration facilities are provided so that other members of the supply chain (upstream and downstream) can be notified of activities required and be kept informed of progress.

How can Fast React help your business?

     – Reduced late delivery charges, typically by up to 20%
     – Reduced air freight and reprocessing costs by by up to 50%
     – Reduced inventory levels, by up to 50%
     – Improved productivity, typically by up to 5%
     – Improved order fulfillment, hence increasing sales by up to 10%

Today Fast React Systems is a Global company that develops, installs and supports software in over 35 countries worldwide. For further information, visit the website: www.fastreact.co.uk or email: info@fastreact.co.uk


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