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It’s Time to Innovate! Part Two: GSD


Vital Link in the ChainIn this feature, WhichPLM looks at new technologies retailers, brands and manufacturers are using to stay competitive and support an end-to-end solution with Product Lifecycle Management. Part two looks at GSD (General Sewing Data)…


GSD and Product Lifecycle Management

General Sewing DataA key element of managing the product lifecycle, and the associated costs, is the ‘Bill of Labour’ (BOL). With competition at its highest for decades, no company can afford to estimate any element of cost, including the BOL which is, all too frequently, based on historical figures.

The only safe way to ensure accurate product cost evaluation, and therefore effective control over the product lifecycle, is to accurately and consistently quantify BOL and related costs. To effectively do so requires the use of a logical, scientific and predictive costing technique.

General Sewing Data

Method%2C Time and Cost%3A Objective Management%2C Measurement %26 BenchmarkingGeneral Sewing Data (GSD) is the world leading ‘Pre-determined Time System’ (PTS), consisting of a database of codes and times that enable the user to predicatively and empirically analyse working methods, building such data into commonly used design features, thereby facilitating rapid and predictive evaluation and quantification of manufacturing times and, ultimately, production costs, production planning and product delivery.

GSD is used extensively throughout the sewn products sector, on products as diverse as automotive, rucksacks, sails, luggage, footwear and every conceivable type of apparel, from lingerie, through tailoring, to sports goods and knitwear.
Major Retailers and Brands have adopted our philosophy and techniques, enabling them to benchmark manufacturing times and costs. The solution is also used by the manufacturing sector, which applies GSD in the production environment to ensure ‘best practice’ in terms of manufacturing methods and social compliance.

For more information, visit our website: www.gsdhq.com or email us at: gsd@gsdhq.com

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