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Kalypso Launches Collaborative Innovation Solution for Private Label Retail Industry Firm


Kalypso Launches Collaborative Innovation Solution for Private Label Retail Industry Firm: aims to help retailers develop winning strategies to accelerate growth leveraging Oracle’s Agile Product Lifecycle Management solutions.

(BEACHWOOD, OH, DECEMBER 09, 2009) Consulting firm Kalypso has launched a collaborative innovation solution designed for the private label retail industry that leverages Oracle’s Agile Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

As Kalypso sees it, private label retail companies are facing new challenges as the current marketplace drives an increased focus on consumer value, streamlined supply chains and consumer safety. To navigate these challenges, retailers are employing collaborative innovation as a winning strategy.

Specifically, retailers are leveraging PLM solutions as an enabling technology to help facilitate a multifunctional strategy for collaborative innovation that addresses joint business planning and internal alignment, the consulting firm said.

“Kalypso’s recent research into collaborative innovation, points not only to the need for consumer goods manufacturers and retailers to partner for mutual gain but to the potential for tremendous sales and profit improvement,” said George Young, a founding partner and consumer goods industry practice lead at Kalypso. “PLM solutions like Oracle’s Agile Product Lifecycle Management can help accelerate growth and innovation opportunities through enhanced collaboration.”

As retailers begin to develop private label strategies and manage their own specifications, formulations, labeling and manufacturing operations, the value that a PLM solution delivers is critical. Many organizations struggle with manual, paper-based product development processes and data that result in the inability to meet launch dates for private label items.

PLM, on the other hand, enables the design and source processes of retailers by providing one “single version of the truth” for product data and a platform for internal and partner collaboration. Deploying PLM can create new efficiencies in product development processes, assure product traceability and compliance, and lower the cost of rework and redundancy, Kalypso said.

The consulting firm said that retailers using its rapid implementation methodology, dubbed “PLM Vivo Retail,” are now able to deploy PLM faster and at a lower cost. Depending on the application, PLM Vivo is built on Oracle’s Agile PLM solutions, which manage all aspects of innovation, from product and portfolio management, to management of specifications, supplier management and collaboration, formulations and bills of materials, packaging and labeling, compliance and quality. Pre-configured templates, workflows, core data, and profiles specific to industry implementation best practices help reduce demands on time and resources.

As a result, companies using PLM Vivo can meet or beat private label launch dates, improve the new product development process with managed workflows and predictable results, increase private label sales and margins, improve visibility into resource bottlenecks and obtain business intelligence for better decision support, the consulting firm said.

“Kalypso’s PLM Vivo rapid deployment offering leveraging Oracle’s Agile PLM addresses the key requirements of private label retailers looking for robust, industry-specific PLM capabilities,” said Hardeep Gulati, Oracle vice president for PLM and PIM product strategy. “Relying on Kalypso’s PLM Vivo, customers can benefit from low-risk, low-cost, rapid deployment of Oracle’s Agile PLM so they can achieve faster time to value.”

Kalypso is a certified partner in the Oracle PartnerNetwork and winner of the first annual 2009 Oracle PartnerNetwork Global Award for Applications Partner of the Year, and winner of the 2009 North America Specialty Applications Titan Award.

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