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Kayser-Roth Goes Live with Visual PLM.net


(MONTREAL, CANADA, JULY 16, 2009) Kayser-Roth Corporation, one of the most successful Legwear and Intimate Apparel manufacturers in America, is officially live on Visual PLM.net

The Kayser-Roth team has rolled up its socks (pun intended) and deployed to all its designers, merchandisers, production team and offshore vendors, the powerful browser based Product Lifecycle Management tool “Visual PLM.net.”

As part of its strategic relationship with Visual 2000, Kayser Roth has implemented the Visual PLM.net application to support its international Product Development and long-term growth strategy. The application is being rolled out across all of the leading Legwear and Intimate brands including No nonsense, Hue, and Burlington.

To support its international expansion strategy, Kayser Roth has adopted a centralized Product Development business model and is deploying a single instance of the  Visual PLM.net System across all of its offices. As part of this effort, Kayser Roth implemented Merchandise Planning, Project Management and the PDM components to orchestrate the data exchanges between Visual PLM.netTM environment, its legacy systems and other new systems.

Kayser Roth will benefit from immediate value with the Visual PLM.netas a result of better data integrity, more efficient and accurate entry and ease of maintenance around the Product Development process.

About Kayser-Roth The Kayser-Roth Corporation is a major manufacturer and marketer of Hosiery and Intimates products in the United States. Kayser-Roth is headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina and operates four plants in North Carolina and Tennessee. The company also has a design studio/showroom in the heart of the fashion district in New York City. Within the retail industry, Kayser-Roth is regularly honored for its service, innovation and response to customer needs.

Kayser-Roth sells No nonsense® panties, bras, pantyhose, socks, sleepwear and foot comfort products to major food, drug, mass outlets. The company also produces HUE® socks, legwear and intimate apparel for major department and specialty stores, in addition to producing, Calvin Klein hosiery, PrimaSport, Burlington Hosiery and Burlington Socks, and private label programs for major retailers.

Kayser-Roth is an affiliate of Golden Lady, a privately owned Legwear company headquartered in Mantova, Italy. Founded in 1967, Golden Lady’s innovative, quality products are sold to all classes of trade. Produced in the most technically advanced manufacturing facilities in the industry, Golden Lady’s products are generally recognized to be the finest in the world.
About Visual PLM.net™

Visual PLM.net is a best of breed, full featured Product Lifecycle Management software solution. A multi Platform browser based client, Visual PLM.net, includes PDM, Merchandise Planning, Multi level Project Management, User and Role based Calendars, Automated internal and external Notification System, Field Based Workflow management, Formulas (Validations, Costing), PDM Interface Designer, Search Designer,  Data Integration Manager, Dynamic Reporting Tool

About Visual 2000 International Visual 2000 International Inc is a leading provider of Software Solutions to the AFA, Apparel, Footwear and Accessories industry. For more information about Visual 2000 International, please visit our Web site at http://www.visual-2000.com

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