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KenDor Textiles Deploys Visual 2000 End2End Suite of Fashion Software


Montreal, Canada – May 9, 2016 Visual 2000 International Inc., the leading supplier of omni-channel ERP & PLM software for the Apparel, Footwear and Accessories industry, is pleased to announce that KenDor Textiles Ltd., has successfully deployed the Visual 2000 End2End suite to manage their continuing growth as an apparel supplier.

KenDor Textiles Ltd, is a growing fabric and textile supplier that has been in operation since 1953. Until recently, KenDor had been operating under an aging database that had been in use for over three decades. Paul King, president of KenDor Textiles writes that “having operated on the same database for over 30 years, KenDor was in dire need of a modern ERP that would facilitate faster and more efficient operations.”

Facing the difficulties and risks involved with using an older database, KenDor chose to upgrade to Visual 2000’s End2End suite for their new fashion software solution. King explains that KenDor carefully selected Visual 2000 as its End2End supplier due to its broad range of features such as “its robust search functions, cloud-based sales force automation, cross border documentation, multi-currency and multi-unit package options.” The upgrade is expected to greatly improve the speed, efficiency and security of KenDor’s business processes.

Brenda So, Senior Project Manager at Visual 2000, confirmed, stating that “Visual 2000’s End2End Suite is extremely versatile, offering the capability to manage any amount of wholesale demand. It’s always exciting to see a new company grow and benefit from an upgrade to a modern ERP system.”

Visual 2000 reports that KenDor’s new End2End solution has been successfully implemented on time and on budget. This will offer KenDor quick gains from its new software implementation.

The Visual 2000 End2End suite is a fully functional ERP and PLM software suite that was designed from the ground up by fashion industry professionals to help manage all aspects of an AFA fashion enterprise and unify all data from all departments.

About Visual 2000 International

Visual 2000 provides End2End software for apparel, footwear and fashion accessory companies. More than 500 companies around the world take advantage of Visual 2000′s advanced ERP, PLM, supply chain management, warehouse optimization and business intelligence software. For more information, please visit http://www.visual-2000.com

About KenDor Textiles

Based in Delta, BC just outside of Vancouver, KenDor Textiles specializes in sourcing, and often stocking, fabrics for the casual and active wear markets. Boasting a vast supplier network, KenDor is capable of facilitating the needs of almost any size of apparel customer. Stock programs in both commodity and novelty fabrics, a global contact list of apparel manufacturing partners, and volume drop shipping options in North America & Asia are all part of the KenDor portfolio. When it comes to textiles, if a customer needs it, KenDor can solve it.

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