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KKCL (KILLER JEANS), the Largest Denim Brand in India, Installs TUKAsystems


(Los Angeles, CA February 09, 2012) Tukatech and Killer Jeans finalized a deal that will provide software solutions to Kewal Kiran Clothing Limited (KKCL), one of India’s leading producers of high-quality branded clothing for men and women of all ages.

In 1989, KKCL developed the Killer line of denim which quickly became one of the most popular brands in India. Since then, the company has implemented cutting edge garment design and manufacturing technology to maintain their dominance in the worldwide apparel marketplace. KKCL has also established a large retail presence selling their brands directly to the consumer, and currently operates more than 240 outlets across India with plans for further expansion.

KKCL’s decision to install Tukatech’s TUKAcad and TUKA3D for fit development is part of their continued use of innovative technology.

KKCL credits much of their success to their large and efficient manufacturing processes. With an enormous capacity that can accommodate sourcing, finishing, and everything in between, KKCL’s ability to produce high quality garments with quick turnarounds will be streamlined by using Tukatech’s products. TUKAcad, Tukatech’s award-winning CAD system, will allow each pattern maker to make and grade patterns with better accuracy in a shorter amount of time, and SMARTmark will allow marker makers to maximize fabric usage in the cutting room.

In addition to manufacturing garments, KKCL have developed several leading brands that combine the company’s popular designs with their exacting production standards. By adopting TUKA3D, KKCL will be able to create realistic 3D prototypes that demonstrate color, texture, fit, and movement in complex clothing patterns, reducing the new product development time and allowing them to be more innovative and offer more choices to their consumers.

The Killer brand is one of the most recognized brands in India, and KKCL has been very successful in developing other brands and product lines such as LAWMAN, INTEGRITI, EASIES, and CHICA, with more in development. From shoes to hats, belts to cologne and deodorant, the stores offer a lifestyle appropriate to their brand name and fashion.

KKCL has advanced their own garment technology by developing patented seams, stitches, and washes for their own brands, all of which were created by the company’s designers. By using TUKA3D to design and test future innovations, KKCL will be able to immediately assess and visualize their work on a life-like, three-dimensional avatar that demonstrates how the clothes look, fit and drape on a human being. As KKCL continues to pioneer new ways to make garments, Tukatech will offer both technology and support to turn their vision into reality.

“Tukatech is proud to work with Kewal Kiran Clothing Limited, one of India’s most prestigious manufacturers and the home of several of the nation’s leading brands,” said Tukatech founder and CEO Mr. Ram Sareen. “We are excited to add them to our list of partners that include ‘W’ , BIBA, Globus, Juliet, Jockey , Zadex, Jade Blue, Kids Studio, Tarun Tahiliani, WildCraft, ColorPlus, Zaab, Sweet Dreams, TATA Trend and many more in our family of domestic brands in India gaining international fame.”

“We wanted to get the best technology along with experienced guidance from the TUKATECH team and Styku’s 3D systems and in-store body scanners. We are really excited to begin working together,” commented Mr. Dinesh Jain, one of the four brothers running KKCL.

About KKCL

Innovation has been the hallmark of Kewal Kiran Clothing Limited A marriage of design and technology, the company has constantly introduced new fits, finishes and fabrics. The company’s own R & D team works closely with designers and is constantly innovating – creating an exciting array of product lines in a variety of fabrics, washes and cuts, using the latest in technology and processes. The company’s own manufacturing and processing set up enables it to have a speedy ‘go-to-market’ time frame – from design to production.

About Tukatech

Tukatech is a Los Angeles-based company that provides 2D and 3D software solutions and manufacturing equipment to garment producers. It also provides web-based product development services and PDM/PLM systems, supported by brick and mortar centers strategically located in garment hubs worldwide. With over 12,000 systems sold and about 3,500 competitive systems replaced, Tukatech is the fastest growing garment CAD/CAM company in the world. Tukatech has been ranked by Apparel Magazine as the #1 Apparel software company in the world.

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