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Kmart Australia, Target Australia and Coles Group Asia Select Core Solutions


Kmart Australia, Target Australia and Coles Group Asia Select Core Solutions to Streamline Global Sourcing: Leading discount department stores to leverage CBX to take PLM and Sourcing to the next level

(HONG KONG and MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, AUGUST 11, 2009) Core Solutions, a provider of global sourcing and vendor collaboration solutions, today announced that Target Australia and Kmart Australia, two of the largest retailers in Australia, have selected CBX to streamline global sourcing of private label merchandise. The group has purchased the complete CBX PLM/Sourcing suite and will leverage its capability to help shorten product development cycles, reduce end-to-end lead times, increase visibility and improve supplier management and operational efficiency. The CBX PLM/Sourcing system is expected to be implemented and ready to ‘go live’ early next year.

Kmart and Target source the majority of their private label merchandises through Coles Group Asia. In operation since 1960, Coles Group Asia has grown dramatically in recent years as the trend of global sourcing amplified. It is this continuing trend that has led the group to identify global sourcing improvement as an imperative mission to success.

“The success of implementing the global sourcing system is critical. We wanted a system that offers a broad range of capabilities but also wanted to be sure that these capabilities are proven in real life by other leading organisations. So, we have gone through an intensive evaluation involving many of the leading global sourcing software,” said Mike Glassel, Managing Director of Coles Group Asia. “Ultimately, Core Solutions came out on top. Our buyers, planners, merchandisers, and quality assurance and quality control teams tested the actual system and selected it, because it was the most complete and easy to use. Furthermore, Core’s strong customer references provided an additional level of assurance of Core’s experience in implementing sourcing systems for complex businesses like ours.” CBX PLM/Sourcing will help Kmart, Target and Coles Group Asia convert traditionally manual sourcing processes based heavily around spreadsheets, e-mails and faxes to streamlined processes enabled by a web-based, centrally-managed collaboration, workflow and business intelligence system. The system’s PLM, Sourcing, Order Management, Quality Management, Quality Control and Vendor Management modules help stakeholders plan and execute accurately, speedily and flexibly across the sourcing lifecycle. The system’s Reporting capability ensures that everyone is on the same page all the time and provides the business intelligence to support key decisions. And, the CBX PLM/Sourcing’s Critical Path Management feature ensures that nothing slips through the cracks.

“Despite the current economic conditions, Target and Kmart have pushed forward with CBX PLM/Sourcing, because they recognize the strategic importance to elevate the group’s global sourcing capability to the next level. Target and Kmart have shown an enormous amount of commitment from top to bottom to make this project a success,” said Michael Hung, Chief Executive Officer of Core Solutions. “This is a big win for Core Solutions especially during the current market conditions. It validates Core Solutions’ capability to deliver dramatic changes and improvements for retailers and global sourcing organisations.” About Kmart Kmart is one of Australia’s largest discount department store retailers, with 184 stores throughout Australia and New Zealand; product sourcing offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Delhi; and more than 25,000 team members. Kmart offers a wide range of low-cost merchandise ranging from apparel to hardware and leisure goods. For more information, visit http://www.kmart.com.au .

About Target Target is a leading customer destination for fashionable, on-trend apparel and homewares, with a team of more than 25,000 employees and 286 stores across Australia. The core product ranges include womenswear, intimate apparel, menswear, childrenswear, accessories, homewares, electrical, toys and other general merchandise. For more information, visit http://www.target.com.au .

About Core Solutions Core Solutions is a leading provider of global sourcing and vendor collaboration solutions. Core Solutions is the only solution provider that helps both buyers and sellers streamline business processes across the end-to-end sourcing lifecycle – from product development to costing, from QA to QC, from order to payment. Core Solutions offers a powerful set of electronic and web-based solutions that dramatically improve Product Lifecycle Management, Global Sourcing Management, Global Vendor Automation and Supply Chain Collaboration processes. Leading retailers, wholesalers, brand manufacturers and thousands of vendors around the world use Core Solutions’ software and services daily to coordinate activities, synchronize data, increase visibility and eliminate manual processes.

Source: TMCnet.com

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