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Koppermann and PackshotCreator seal their partnership and present a unique technological concept for the textile process chain


Boost the preparation of your collections with more creativity, efficiency and productivity!

Koppermann has been developing all-in-one software solutions for the fashion industry and retail for more than 20 years. Koppermann is supporting clothing, footwear and accessory brands with efficient and sustainable solutions to optimize their daily workflows: from preparing the collections to showcasing them online or in-store.

Today Koppermann is going further by offering a tool to create professional product photography dedicated to merchandising purposes. More than in any other industry, the success of a collection relies a lot on the presentation of the fashion creations to the end customer.

“The constant shortening of product life cycles leads companies to accelerate and optimize their workflows. Efficient product photography is therefore a crucial factor for the development of fashion collections,” explains Andreas Lachner, CEO at Koppermann. 

Koppermann and PackshotCreator – the market leader in automated photo studio solutions – have concluded a strategic partnership to meet these challenges. The two companies are combining their strengths to ensure a seamless complete solution for their customers focused on perfect product photography and photo-realistic visualization. The brand new “LuminaPad for Koppermann” embodies this strong French-German cooperation.


Laurent Wainberg, founder & CEO of PackshotCreator, reports: “The product presentation brings competitive advantages at different strategic stages, from the analysis and the development to the marketing, communication and sales. Since 2006, we have been supporting thousands of successful projects to optimize and automate photographic workflows with our solutions. Today, we want to provide further support with innovative tools dedicated to the fashion industry, where the e-commerce retail saw an impressive growth.” 

“The LuminaPad for Koppermann” is the best online shop display solution for fashion and clothing industries. 

It is an all-in-one solution for the production of brilliant pictures of clothes, fashion accessories or leather goods. This photographic innovation offers a powerful backlight for a perfect color rendering, and can be easily controlled through a touch pad.

Possibilities are multiple: from vertical or flat photography, to ghost mannequin or 360-degree animation. By automating many steps, such as automatically masking the product’s background, even for items that have complex material, users can significantly reduce the time usually spent on editing.

With the “LuminaPad for Koppermann“, companies can now rely on optimized merchandising, costs and workflows with in-house photo production. The innovative technology can be integrated seamlessly into Koppermann’s system, from the PLM database solution up to the final 3D visualization of the models on the store.

Thomas Janiszewski, Sales Manager at Koppermann reports, “We are particularly proud of the possibilities that this innovative system and its numerous features offer: simplification and acceleration of the photo production – whether photos for print media, web or even 360-degree view of their products to be able to market them with maximum efficiency. The high-quality product photos are ready to use for all purposes in the textile chain within just a few minutes!”

About PackshotCreator

PackshotCreator has become a world-wide expert in product photography for marketing and e-commerce. The range of 29 solutions and 6 different software meet the specific needs and issues of many industries: fashion, jewelry, decoration, furniture, etc. PackshotCreator helps companies make their visual communication more efficient and attractive. In 12 years of innovation and expertise, more than 6,000 companies and 20,000 users in 35 countries have chosen to be more effective


About Koppermann: 

Koppermann Computersysteme has been developing innovative software solutions for the fashion and clothing industries since 1995 and now enjoys a market penetration of over 30% of the largest European companies in these industries. Koppermann does not only offer a unique total solution for the whole textile process chain, but also highly specialized design solutions, the unique PLM database technology and the prestigious 3D visualization on the shop floor.


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